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Mr Spinkles
Last Activity:
Nov 26, 2020 at 8:19 AM
Mar 25, 2004
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Mr Spinkles


Mr Spinkles was last seen:
Nov 26, 2020 at 8:19 AM
    1. TashaN
      Heyyyyyy congratulations!!!!!!! Finally you entered the golden cage huh? ;)
      In the middle east men call marriage "golden cage" because they love it and hate it at the same time. They love it because the golden part of it is the stable relationship and for finding the love of their life, and obviously, they think of it as a cage because it will limit their freedom. It's very common to call it so here. :)

      I'm planning to enter the golden cage after around 5 months from now. :p

      Thank you for participating in my thread. Your posts gave me exactly what i was looking for to dig into the issue in more depth.

      I wish you a long happy life with your lucky one, i'm really happy for you my great friend.

      i'm also happy because i can enjoy reading your posts again around the forums after being absent for a while. :)
    2. TashaN
    3. Sunstone
      Thank you so much! And I'll return the honor as soon as I can! :)
    4. Badran
      It's very hot these days here, too hot.
    5. Badran
      Hi, thanks for the frubals and positive feedback, i really appreciate it :).
    6. Sunstone
      Of course I have friends and acquaintances you don't know about. I have never, for instance, introduced you to my Tedddy Bear. He's my oldest friend.
    7. dust1n
    8. Sunstone
      It's kind of funny to realize that the majority of my friends and acquaintances are far more moral than the Pope.
    9. Gharib
      thank you Mr Spinkles.
    10. TashaN
      That's alright. Let's save our energy for something fresh then. :)
    11. Gharib
      hi Mr Spinkles, in our one on one debate, youve said that in the links you have provided earlier it speaks of cases where an animal does not engage in heterosexual sex, i've been reading your links over and over, but i can't see in which animal case this is. could you please tell me the name of which animal you believe this is so, and then i know where to look.
    12. TashaN
    13. TashaN
      Thank you man. It will be after few months. Can you come to Saudi Arabia for my wedding? :p

      By the way, congratulations for you and your love. :) He is ... sorry, i mean she :p is really lucky to have you.
    14. Wandered Off
      Wandered Off
      Very cool! She was pretty much gone when I got to RF, but I saw her posts, and she is definitely a keeper. Good luck to you both!
    15. Wandered Off
      Wandered Off
      Noticed your "informal wedding announcement" in the Islam DIR. Congratulations!

      Is it Ceridwen018 still, or is that way out of date? Not that it's my business.
    16. Gharib
      here is our thread Mr Spinkles

      Does Homosexuality Occur in Animals?
    17. Gharib
      actually i'm hoping we can cover all three. so thats one long thread title.

      unless you want to go at it one at time, one thread for each?

      because i want to discuss how animal behaviour should not be used to justify that of humans, homosexuality in humans or animals, and the morality or mmorality of homosexuality and why islam forbids it.
    18. Gharib
      hey Mr Spinkles, first my appologies to you, i always thought your user name was Mr Sprinkles untill i tried sending you a PM earlier today.

      what do you recon we open up a fresh new thread and we talk about that stuff there. maybe a one on one debate that way other people can't interfere or post childish stuff, we can enlighten each other on different perspectives. to be honest i will lose track of what i've answered and what i haven't through PM's.

      if you agree to it, choose a title for the thread and i will go and open it if you wish. apparently i am bad at choosing thread titles, like the recent homosexuality one.

      have a nice day.
    19. Neo-Logic
      Good try. Just don't try again ... please. =P

      I can't even change my avatar. IT's forever stuck on my picture. I put a new avatar in but it just won't change, I don't know what the hell is wrong with my account.
    20. Neo-Logic
      Whats up! I like your avatar.
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