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Mr Spinkles
Last Activity:
Jan 16, 2021 at 8:11 AM
Mar 25, 2004
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Mr Spinkles


Mr Spinkles was last seen:
Jan 16, 2021 at 8:11 AM
    1. Sunstone
      Excellent! There's no rush on it. You've got all the time you want to look at it. Hell, my writing it is currently being snagged by insomnia, so this post just ain't deadline material. :D
    2. Sunstone
      I'm about to start on a blog post about randomness and constraints. I would like to run it by you for a fact and concept check before posting. Should have it done in a day or so. Would you be willing to look it over for me?
    3. Sunstone
      I is procrastinating! I should be writing but I'm not. How are you?
    4. Sunstone
      The Argumentative Theory | Conversation | Edge
    5. Sahar
      Yeah, my fault!

    6. Sahar
      It seems nobody is interested in the thread, hahaha!

      :o :o :o
    7. TashaN
    8. Sunstone
    9. Sahar
      ahahaha :D
    10. Badran
      Thank you Mr Spinkles.
    11. Gharib
      Hi Mr Spinkles, how have you been. i hope you and your family are well.
      thanks for the frubal, i see that the number of frubals one can give is just 1 now.
    12. Sahar
      Satanic Israeli American Iranian Hamasist Muslim Brotherhood Qatari agendas; all agendas are available, maybe what is missing is the claim of North Korean agenda and by this all sides of axis of evil are complete like what an Egyptian writer and scenarist sarcastically said. Even if it meant Israel allied with Hamas and Hezbullah for the first time in history to overthrow the regime, it doesn't matter!! Oh, and the crucial proof that the protesters are hired agents for the Americans is that they eat Kentucky meals! :rolleyes: Now, the KFC meal is a sign of the traitors! The regime and its media are inconsistent and everyday they make a new different hilarious claim...
    13. Sahar
      An analytical and talk show on an Egyptian "independent channel" presented a document from the police that orders some of its elements to spread chaos and make crying hysterical women call the TV stations to scare the public and give them the sense they must go home and defend themselves and it's either chaos or give up your protests.
      I watched a video that showed the release of the prisoners in the presence of the police!

      So, in short, I firmly believe this chaos was actually organized by the regime to scare us and make us go homes and stop the protests; a psychological war in other words. As Mubarak said it's either him or chaos!
      Today, people went to their jobs but still there is a curfew that started at 7 pm.
    14. Sahar
      Now, we feel more safe, I don't know why although nothing changed, there is no actual presence of police in the streets. Maybe because the media's focus on "chaos" and "looters" became much less. Do you know when people caught the looters, they found some of them members of the police?
      Do you know when the protesters in Liberation Square were attacked on Wednesday by the thugs (or sometimes called "Pro-Mubarak protesters" but they are really hired people who came with their knives, swords and whips, not to mention the horses and camels), they caught some of them and their IDs showed they are police and members of the NDP?
    15. Sahar
      They formed "popular committees" on the streets to inspect the cars and people and they indeed caught many looters and criminals. In these days I have felt what solidarity really means.

      Seeing how the youth are ready to give up their souls in Tahrir square and other areas all over the country for the sake of the rights of Egyptians and for the sake of freedom and justice is amazing and inspiring. They were attacked brutally by the security forces and now are attacked by the thugs, and a lot lost their lives and were injured but they just go on...and although some Egyptians under the effect of the regime's propaganda started to blame them and let them down. I didn't really feel how this country contains very noble men and women except now.

      Thank you very much for your noble feelings that brought tears to my eyes. And sorry for the long reply but no amount of words can be sufficient to convey my feelings of being proud of this beautiful youth.
    16. Sahar
      Well, I myself didn't feel the greatness of this people except now. When the regime withdrew the police from the street, and released the prisoners and criminals, I, like any other Egyptian, realized a blessing that we didn't really appreciate except these days, the blessing of feeling safe and secure. Imagine, to walk with a knife inside your house and every room you get into, this was me...and you consistently hear gunshots that you don't know from who it comes and rumors that there is a van of looters in your neighborhood! Any little sound scare you. Until the Egyptians started to contact each other and young men get out in the streets together to protect their neighborhoods and families. Imagine most of the policemen are in their homes and who actually protect the souls, the private and public properties and even organize the traffic are the armless simple people.
    17. dmgdnooc
      Thanks for the frubal.
    18. Sahar
      Thanks a lot, dear Eric.
    19. Sunstone
      Spinks, I just started a thread on the foolishness of American policies in the Middle East. I don't know whether you will be interested in the thread, but I think you will be highly interested in the article I've linked to in the thread.
    20. Bismillah
      Hi sprinkles,

      There were some points you mentioned, I can't find them in that thread, if you'd care to repost them I'd address them.

      Best Regards, Abibi
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