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  • hey, i did not see you around lately. i am wishing you well in this new year. Happy :)
    Hello Hope! I love your tattoo! Tasteful and sexy.

    I'm thinkin of getting a Tatto for my 41st bday.
    I want something that looks like purple shooting stars or something.

    But right now I'm just tired.
    Thanks for adding me hope, I miss seeing you around on here though i'm not on so much myself these days. Be strong in the faith sister I look forward to meeting you one day when we are with the Lord.
    Hope, where are you!? I truely enjoy reading your posts and wish you'd post more often. You're one of the few people on RF whose posts are almost in complete agreement with and that makes me feel better about myself ;). I hope things are going well!
    Who's Pandora?

    In Greek myth,Zeus didn't like the way Prometheus showed favours to mankind. So Zeus and other gods created the first woman, and offer her to Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother, despite his brother warning not to accept any gift from Zeus.

    Pandora's name means "Gifts" and that's what the gods gave her. Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box as a wedding gift to the Titan Epimetheus, which the gods told her not to open. Her curiosity got the best of her, she opened the lid, and release spirits of suffering, woes, disease and other ill-spirits (or evil spirits) that would plague mankind. She closed the box, but it was too late. The only spirit managed to keep in the box, is Hope.

    That's the only thing that left for mankind, hope.
    I am doing fine Hope, how in the world are YOU?

    As for my picture, it's a self portrait and the best part is the octopus. Yes, it's supposed to be an octopus. :D
    My hair is naturally curly. I just straighten it out. You should see it when I just let it dry. I look like Diana Ross...lol I like your tattoo! Glad you are cooling off. Maybe you are getting used to the heat.
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