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  • Thanks for the funny frube on Is the devil screwing with the radio transmission in Lawton, Oklahoma?
    Thanx for froobing all the various privileges.
    And for the Watermelon Man flurbit.
    And for flurbing working instead of whining.
    And for the jealousy frubousy.
    And for froulbing my not moving to Pakistan.
    And for the infinite universe frubal.
    And for froulbing the packaging revolution.
    Thanx for the chia Trump frubal.
    And for the rude & TMI furbie.
    And flurbing demonization inhibiting discussion.
    And for fluorbling controlling the haggis & the universe.
    And for the nerd alert furball.
    And for froolbing another riding the bus.
    And for the hiding in the Ark closets flurbit.
    And for furballing looking forward to fembots.
    And for the properly programmed agreeable sammich making fembot frubol.
    And for froobing welcoming everyone.
    And for the political uncertainty frubainty.
    And for flurbing Jrrr growing up to destroy Earth.
    And for the not treading lightly frubly.
    And for floorbling the warring tribes' forum.
    And for the abuse thread furballl.
    Thanx for flurballing the god who loves racial purity.
    And for the determined frubal.
    And for froobing food & TDS.
    And for the subprime membership status frubus.
    and for flurbing the Pope's possible personal pro pedo past pride.
    And for the no habla jibber jabber fruber.
    And for fruballing the alternat meaning of "pedo".
    Thanx for the property tax valuation change fruball.
    And for the distant ancestor to all modern humans flurbit.
    And for the Asian reparation obligation frubation.
    And for flurbing my already spent money.
    And for the Biden memory issues flurball.
    And for flurobing of my German bloodletting.
    Boo. Hope you're well bro.
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    Reactions: David1967
    I am. School started back and I'm busy again. Woo Hoo!!
    How are you sis? :)
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    Reactions: Rival
    I'm well, thanks. Very warm still, we have humid heat here and it sucks.
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