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  • Thanx for the Jan 20 presidential transfer froober.
    And for the resignation frubation.
    And for foobring the Jan 6 blame partisanship.
    And for the no loyalty to any politician flurbit.
    And for phlurbing the birthday cake.
    Thanx for the deeply troubled economic systems froobil.
    And for phlurbing war with Iran looming again.
    And for the indoor low key inauguration frubation.
    And for foolbring sacrificing plums for peaches.
    And for the will Biden be as smart as I am flurbit.
    And for flurlbing worrying more about substance than optics.
    Thanx for the detectable physical phenomena in our realm phroobal.
    And for fruballing retracting my prediction of a Biden win.
    And for the getting "no fun" a lot phroubyl.
    And for furlballing admitting that the electorate is wrong.
    And for the being above the fray phrube.
    And for phrooballing Jorgensen's distant 3rd place.
    And for the variety of economic systems under the Federation Of Planets.
    Thanx for the disparate news coverage of things race related froobal.
    And for flurballing radicalization of lefties by biased news coverage.
    And for the couple'o Deadly In Portlandia frubals.
    And for foolbring talking to myself.
    And for flurballing successfully missing another debate.
    Thanx for the not judging whole groups by the bad ones froobe.
    And for flurballing the NYC real estate crash.
    And for the disparate coverage of racial issues fruble.
    And for the sweeping vs ignoring froobing.
    And for foolbring McD's customers assaulting employees.
    And for the oft postponed apocalypse frube.
    Thanx for the letting cops handle the riots frubal.
    And for fruballing old dogs vs new tricks.
    And for the wonderful poster fruber.
    And for flurbing the purged language list.
    And for the broaching the subject & opining froobing.
    And for floorballing Deadly In Kenosha.
    Thanx for the social distancing frubing.
    And for flurbing the false false equivalency fallacy.
    And for the finding of both merit & fault in people fruble.
    And for furballing money isn't everything.
    And for the Yakety Sax national anthem frubem.
    And for flurballing immediately arresting police who commit crimes.
    Thanx for the imagined worst case scenario frubio.
    And for fluorbing Personnel Director Quagmire.
    And for the first ladies abused by the other side furball.
    And for foolbring health care & economics.
    And for the Joe Biden controversies froobil.
    And for fruballing heathenly social distance.
    And for the RF secrets for sale fruble.
    Thanx for the nuthing get'n past BSM1 furball.
    And for flurbing diversity of opinion among both Dems & Pubs.
    And for supporting the lonely 3rd option flurble.
    And for floorbling how the death rate is known.
    And for the unattended debate foolbre.
    And for foolbring better quality name calling in the upcoming campaign.
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