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David T
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  • thanx for the frub, ahhh....Nirvana....beyond the edge of everything...join you there.
    David T
    David T
    As long as there is beer
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    Reactions: `mud
    Thanx for froobing a better version of normal.
    And for the sitting down for atheism frubal.
    And for fruballing those tough ticks.
    And for the great to live in Americastan frubistan.
    And for froubing threads being all about me.
    And for froolbing valuing children.
    And for the bony tail frubil.
    And for fruubling Super Chicken & Underdog.
    Tanx fr the frub, retirement it is !...crap I'm already there, to the beach I'll go !
    Thanks for the funny rating! I couldn't resist.
    David T
    David T
    It is and I live in a particularly beautiful part the oregon coast. It affords me a distance from the city I need for sound mind!!!! BTW thanks for getting my irony. We get sort of lost in the trees pretty rapidly.
    I gotta' tell 'ya dude, I always like reading your posts. I don't always understand them, I don't always agree, but I do like reading your posts.
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    David T
    David T
    My posts can definitely can be unintendedly obtuse. But the topic is difficult to say the least.... I will post up a shot of my daughter and that might help you understand where I am coming from a bit more. I filter a lot said here through her perspective.
    Thanx for fruballing death by limerick!
    And for the not even wrong frubal !
    And for furballing being remembered!
    And for the Koko memorial frubial !
    And for froubing unwanted touching!
    And for the weak atheism frubism!
    And for flurbing those fetching Scotsmen!
    And for the ability to make both poop & a fist frubyl.
    And for the working for myself flurblit!
    Thanx for fruballing my ethnically themed restaurant names!
    And for the far less attractive frubive!
    Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich!
    And for fruballing playing at work all day!
    And for the birthday cake frubal !
    And for fruballing Stranger Things!
    And for the gluttony for punishment frubment!
    And for furbing lunch with Caitlin Jenner!
    And for enfroobling science not having all the questions!
    Your daughter is beautiful!
    David T
    David T
    Yes and now you understand as I attack the "smart"area of neurology in my posts, she is a big clarifier for me.
    Thanx for froobing the lifting of spirits with bacon!
    And for the made up statistic flurble!
    And for furballing the scary wood spider!
    And for the all new mistakes fruble!
    And for froobing reintarnation!
    And for the no argument here frubol !
    And for flurbing ambidexterity!
    And for the cartoon research frubler!
    And for foorbling the dangers of hammers!
    Thanx for fruballing the horror of turning out like me!
    And for the free speech & news on the internet frubal !
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