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David T
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  • Thanks for the winner on Trump Rape Accuser Says Most People Think Rape is Sexy
    David T
    David T
    Back atcha for speaking truth. Which btw is a forum violation!!!! Lol
    Thats me screwed, i only do truth (or what i believe to be truth)
    Thanx for fruballing the 30s....a great decade of life.
    And for the well decorated cross furball.
    And for froobing clean air.
    And for the violent militaristic Ameristanians furble.
    And for furbling my sacred junk food duty.
    And for the safe Choco Taco frubo.
    And for flurbing the unicorn.
    Thanks for the winner on Science cannot solve the final mystery
    David T
    David T
    We have The answer and it was ignored. Typical!!! Thanks for the douglas adams reference. He rocks.
    Thanx for froobing the title without the "con".
    And for the know'n spell'n but not gods.
    And for fruballing advice to students about borrowing.
    And for the old nemesis frubal.
    Thanks for the frube on Need advice about relationship.

    Pretty sure that and all the others were not what was wanted but its the only way. Magic wands and love potions just dont work outside of disney films
    Thanx for the assassination frubation.
    And for fruballing a posting style to avoid rapped knuckles.
    (I've earned some enmity with a few admins here.)
    And for the nerdie froobie.
    And for flurbing the psychology of the sociology of the sociology of religion.
    And for the inconvenience of quantified analysis frubysis.
    And for froobling ballistic rotten haggis.
    And for the repeated testing frubing.
    Thanx for fruiballing roiling brain rage.
    And for frublering flamboyant clothing.
    And for the important issues of the day flurble.
    And for the easy spelling frubing.
    And for furbling The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.
    And for Rival's master key frubal.
    And for froulbing watching things dry.
    And for the color changing frubing.
    Thanking you for the winner frubes on What if everything you think you know is right? And for the hellish funny
    Thanx for fruballing mental health.
    And for the coast-to-coast Gary Indiana frubana.
    And for the better smelling frubing.
    And for flurbing the Coen Brothers.
    And for the funny insensitivity frubity.
    And for furballing pretending who we are.
    And for the interpreting Vonnegut quotes flurbit.
    And for foorlbing the origins of hatred.
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