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  • Hey are you still around?
    I mostly hang out at Secular Cafe these days. I occasionally come back to see what is brewing.
    Hey Copernicus, hope you are well. Could really use the input and advice of a smart wise poster like yourself with regards to the current geopolitical movements and wars :)
    No worries! I don't mind if anyone gets the gender wrong. After all, I haven't offered the information up. I originally left it blank because it can bias people for or against your position in a debate (ex: Oh, she only says that because she's a female. Or, he's a male, so he doesn't know what he's talking about), and because I was interested in seeing what people assumed. But I am a she, if you want to drop the hassle of having to write him/her and s/he :D
    Yeah, it's fun to stir the pot sometimes. BTW, I just realized from reading the posts of others that I may been getting your gender wrong. Sorry if that's so.
    Thanks, Copernicus. I really appreciate it. I've very much enjoyed your input and take on these things. I'm off sulking in other RF corners at the moment, but the thrill of the battle will eventually call me back. :D
    I appreciate that my friend, but no need to worry. I'm keeping safe.

    Thank you for the kind sentiment.
    That's okay, a lot of people seemed to have not noticed, and some realized it quite later. :D

    I'm well and hope you're well too, i've missed talking to you.
    Thanx for the highly evolved frubie!
    It makes me want to hold my knuckles up off the floor when I walk.
    Thank you for your concern and your kind words, hopefully things will get better soon.
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