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  • I've debated him for years, there's no point. It's best to ignore him lol
    We need to separate them into two distinct debates because I know that if we combine them we will spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on evolution and little time on creationism. Therefore, the question of "can creationism account for ERVs?" will get swept under the rug and will not properly be addressed. I think you and I both know that.
    Looks like 8:30 am my time. Since I have to work on Saturdays, we'd need to put a time limit on how long we will debate if we choose to do it on this day. How long should we put it at? 30 minutes? An hour? If we don't get to a satisfactory conclusion, we can always set up a second one at another date.

    Type in whatever nickname you want to use in the "Nick" box and type #ERVs in the "Channel" box. Let me know whenever you are ready.
    You've done more to defend the Trinity in less than three posts than I have in dozens of them. Mondo kudos. I'd frubal you again, but I can't.:clap:bow:
    I posted on the one topic about evolution that you kept posting on, but I checked the whole topic and you never responded!

    I was hoping to read what you thought on it, but you must of missed it in the swath of posts.

    If your not on today, I may not catch your response for up to a week, as I have no internet at home due to some financial problems.

    Anywho, I hope to hear from you!
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