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  • thanks for frubals, you just cracked my 4 million frubals! on the 4th of July, seems appropriate don't you think.
    That's good to hear. (you didn't give me an impression that you were bored by the way, i said that just in case).
    I'm really sorry i keep boring you with this stuff, it's just that the controversial side is always the one displayed.
    Hi Anne, just want to clarify that the video posted in the "masturbation" thread, is this guy's personal opinion, and he is talking about what some parents might do, not the right thing to do. As in some ignorant parents might suspect their daughters not bleeding as in they had sex, and they might kill them. Its poor logic anyway because he is talking about very ignorant examples, and that is not the usual, so it is very poor to use that as why it is "risky" for girls to do so. And because once again he is advising the girls to oppress themselves to dodge the disgusting things that very very few supposedly do.
    Hi *Anne*! It's nice to have you as a friend :rainbow1:

    It's is not arbitrary that you enjoy reading your threads and responses :)

    You too are Logical Rationalist !
    I may post something about Islamic philosophy.

    But for now I'll say that people fail only because of their non-rational thinking.
    Rationalists will not fail..So expect the best :yes:
    Well, I was thinking along the lines of our views on key issues like homosexuality.
    This is what I mean, it is only my embracing Islam which has provided me with this viewpoint. Prior to Islam, I even had some as friends before. I still felt there was something not right about it, but I convinced myself that accepting it as normal was the "equal and fair" thing to do, and that they should be just treated like anyone else.

    So again I wouldn't use issues like that as a means to draw a dividing line between our way of thinking, because I think my viewpoint about it is shaped by my present way of life, and I think also that your viewpoint about it is likewise shaped by your present way of life, no matter whether the present way of life each of us currently follows will remain or not.
    I know you and I disagree about quite a few things, to the point of being polar opposites
    I don't think this is necessarily the case Anne. I'm not sure how well I elaborated on it in my conversion story, but I was very much the polar opposite of what I am now in a sense. But what I'd suggest is more that these aspects of our personalities are not necessarily core, but are merely representative of the way we choose to express our personality traits.

    but I'm happy to hear you have found peace with Islam. I wish you and your family well.
    Thank you, and I hope one day you come to the realisation that submission to our Creator is the best way of life, and I say that with all sincerity of you one day achieving the blessings that can bring to one's life.
    I thought the same thing. Just finished a bowl (while reading about Islam vs Secularism). Do I know how to have fun or what?!
    Well you still seem to have that smile!
    either way, I love the way you look in that photo.
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