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  • You're welcome. Are you sure you don't want any fur balls, though. I hear they are an excellent accessory if you have cats.
    Well, i can't even begin to describe what that means to me, thank you.

    It's no surprise that you would be terrified by such barbaric supposed laws, i hope you manage to ignore them when reading about Islam, so they don't spoil it for you.

    Anyway thanks again.
    Hmmm.. I see. I wish that was enough for me. I have never been very good at practicing things. I'll figure something out eventually.
    I practice Tai Chi on and off. Do you have any advice on how to keep up a daily practice? How did you keep yourself motivated?
    So I saw a yoga picture of yours. How long have you been practicing yoga? Also do you practice everyday?
    Sorry about being so "cut to the chase" in there, but me and Abu Rashid were exchanging private messages, We had different opinions on a part of the topic, so i was really in a rush.

    And Thanks for the claps.
    Then I hope you won't learn to giggle like a graceful lady because I am grateful to your hyena laugh that draws such a beautiful smile on your face. :)
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