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  • I used to wear a pendant like your avatar, back when I tried my hand at Christian Wicca. Just had to tell you 'cause I think of it every time I see one of your posts. :p
    I also would like to know more about how Christianity and Wicca work together if you wouldn't mind explaining.
    Hi,i noticed that you are a Christian Wiccan,i am interested in how the two work together,hope you don't mind me asking.
    Cheers Robert
    I hope you won't hold my ahem, I mean somebodies entry into a certain tome of learning against me ;)
    I appreciate your welcome. Happy early Birthday! Also, I replied to your thread in Wicca again, with new thoughts you might find interesting. Blessed be!
    I think there is a bit on the Christian Wicca in tha unclopedia , you must have just overlooked it :D
    LOL! Did you read my personal information? Thanks for the compliment. At 60, there is nothing I like much more than being told that I have a spirit of youth!
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