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New Profile Posts

  1. ChristineM
    ChristineM Mock Turtle
    Thanks for the (i) on There are boundaries!
  2. ChristineM
    ChristineM Polymath257
    Oh thanks for the like on What is matter? Does it really exist?
  3. ChristineM
    ChristineM Darkstorn
    Thanks for the winner frube on Where would the USA have been if it was not for the lies against Trump?

    Yes there was another one and i thank you for ut
    1. Darkstorn
      No problem, might happen more. That thread is ****ing funny.
      Aug 25, 2019 at 11:05 AM
      ChristineM likes this.
  4. ChristineM
    ChristineM Bob the Unbeliever
    Tripple thanks for the win, win, like on What’s your main reason for being a theist or an atheist?
  5. ChristineM
    ChristineM Polymath257
    Thanks for the Are we wasting our lives winner
  6. ChristineM
    ChristineM It Aint Necessarily So
    Thanks for The purpose of life winner
  7. 80s fashion girl
    80s fashion girl Kangaroo Feathers
    Thanks for the like rating in "Innocent Man Spends Months in Jail for Possessing Honey".
    1. Kangaroo Feathers likes this.
  8. ChristineM
  9. ChristineM
    ChristineM Subduction Zone
    Thanks for the cold cocoa funny
  10. ChristineM
    ChristineM Subduction Zone
    And thanks for giving me an Anal sex like ;-/
    1. Subduction Zone
      Subduction Zone
      Any time. Was it good for you too? I need a cigarette.
      Aug 25, 2019 at 6:24 AM
      ChristineM likes this.
  11. ChristineM
    ChristineM Phaedrus
    Thanks for the frube on What’s your main reason for being a theist or an atheist?

    And welcome to RF... Enjoy the fun

    Note a frubal, frube or similar spellings are an ancient name for the post awards
  12. ChristineM
    ChristineM Bob the Unbeliever
    Thanking you for the winner and like on Island of Neanderthals (Thought Exercise)
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  13. ChristineM
    ChristineM beenherebeforeagain
    Thanks for the funny on Who Else Misreads Titles?
  14. FooYang
  15. Howard Is
    Howard Is Trailblazer
    Thanks for the frubes. I was impressed with your honesty in the thread. I think we get each other a bit now. Cheers, Rob
    1. Trailblazer likes this.
  16. AT-AT
    AT-AT FooYang
    I wanted to personally welcome you to the forum. If you don't mind me asking, what religion do you most identify with?
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  17. FooYang
    FooYang NewGuyOnTheBlock
    What 'cult' did you 'survive'?
    1. NewGuyOnTheBlock
      Fundamentalist Pentacostal-type Christianity
      Aug 24, 2019 at 11:07 PM
    2. FooYang
      Ah, I see.
      Aug 24, 2019 at 11:08 PM
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  18. FooYang
    The meaning of life is not "to live", that's circular reasoning.
  19. InChrist
    InChrist FooYang
    Thank you. Hope you have a good afternoon.
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  20. ChristineM
    ChristineM Trailblazer
    Thank you for the friendly frube on The 'great nothing', vs heaven or hell: which is better?
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