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New Profile Posts

  1. ChristineM
    ChristineM JustWondering
    Thank you for the Creation vs evolution frubals
  2. ChristineM
    ChristineM Subduction Zone
    Thank you for the Creation vs evolution frubal
  3. 'mud
    'mud Aldrnari
    Ta for the like, to your good thought
    1. Aldrnari likes this.
  4. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Subduction Zone
    Thanx for the lutefisk infused frubal !
  5. Falvlun
    Falvlun Revoltingest
    A surprise furball indeed!
  6. 'mud
  7. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Shadow Wolf
    Thanx for froobling my ignorant blather!
    (Beard guy sure hates it.)
  8. 'mud
    'mud ChristineM
    like I've said over and over TA again.
    1. ChristineM likes this.
  9. 'mud
    'mud Revoltingest
    A limerick in need is a ta to me
  10. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Onyx
    Thanx for the Russian shooting froobing!
  11. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest 'mud
    Thanx for the absolute frubal !
    (The post before me called for a limerick.)

    Memory fails me....are you a fellow THC refugee?
    And thanx for the Russian shooting news froobing!
  12. ChristineM
    ChristineM 'mud
    Ty for the Creation vs evolution frubal
    1. 'mud
      hey sweetness,
      We've gotta stop meetin like this
      Feb 18, 2018 at 10:37 AM
  13. ChristineM
    ChristineM It Aint Necessarily So
    And for the frubal on Creation vs evolution
  14. Rival
    Rival wizanda
    I watched one of your drumming vids and thought you are good at it :)
    1. wizanda likes this.
    2. wizanda
      Wow thank you for checking it out! :-D
      Feb 18, 2018 at 7:44 AM
      Rival likes this.
  15. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest England my lionheart
    Thanx for fruballing the gusher!
  16. Rival
    Rival Trailblazer
    Thanks for the rating.
  17. ChristineM
    ChristineM England my lionheart
    Thanks for the ejaculating derrick frubal
    1. England my lionheart likes this.
  18. ChristineM
    ChristineM Kelly of the Phoenix
    And thanks also for fruballng For the love of god, can someone explain who created god?
    1. Kelly of the Phoenix likes this.
  19. England my lionheart
    England my lionheart YmirGF
    All good, in New Zealand atm really hot here, even the wind is really warm, would love some snow lol
  20. England my lionheart
    England my lionheart YmirGF
    Thanks for the funny Paul, hope your well.
    1. YmirGF likes this.
    2. YmirGF
      I'm great, just sitting here waiting for the power to go out as I'm on an island and we are getting wet heavy snow and there is a wind warning. *gulp*

      Hope you are doing great too. :)
      Feb 18, 2018 at 4:45 AM