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Zoroastrians: Introduce yourself


This thread is for anyone who is or is interested in Zoroastrianism. Since there isn't an official introduce yourself thread for this dir I thought it would be interesting to see what the users here are and or what they believe.

I am Matthew and I am a Gathic (Gathas) Zoroastrian.

Hello to everyone reading this

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Hello there! I'm A Greased Scotsman. I'm not a Zoroastrian by confession but I have very strong sympathies with the faith. To the extent I think it makes sense as a personal philosophy: be good, tell truth, spread good mind & fight evil, deceit, harmful thoughts, actions & deeds.

I've only read the first few verses of the Gathas but I like what I've read thus far.


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You won't find many Mazdayasnians on here. There must be about five, at best. Two or three who post regularly.


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I found Zoroastrianism, when i searched my name Zanda on the web, and it fits with the prophecy I was born with. :innocent:


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Heya! I'm a new Zoroastrian (Gathic) myself, and I am still very much learning. =)

When did you hear about it, and when did you become a Zoroastrian, if you don't mind my asking? What drew you to it?


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hi there! studying Zoroastrianism for quite some time. I am fascinated by its concept of elemental purity; how far they go to keep the elements pure is marvellous!
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hi there! studying Zoroastrianism for quite some time. I am fascinated by its concept of elemental purity; how far they go to keep the elements pure is marvellous!

Hi frenny nice to meet you, welcome to the Zoroastrian DIR


is this secular outlook sanctioned by their faith? can you support this by any scriptural quotes?

All religions are guided by the environment as much as by scripture. Zoroastrianism 1500 years ago was not secular, the Sassanians (last Zoroastrian dynasty) tried to enforce Zoroastrianism as a state religion and persecute heretics. However that was only towards the end of the dynasty and because of the Christian Byzantines. The Zoroastrian dynasties were generally quite tolerant of other faiths, which resulted in a large Christian population in Persia. The Byzantines used this population to sow political and social discontent, and the Sassanians reacted. This was partly why the Sassanians fell to Islam, as they had many political coups within 80 years. Eventually the Byzantines fell to Islam as well.

For most of Zoroastrianism's history there was a fair degree of secularism and pluralism in the regions ruled. King Cyrus himself declared this when he freed the Jews from Babylon, that all faiths should be free to practice their beliefs. There is no mention of theocracies or combination of state and faith in the Gathas.

Hope this answers your question


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thanks a lot for such a detailed response. but in india, in the present time, their rigid opposition to interfaith marriages and non-acceptance of children born of such marriages and opposition to conversion gives a different idea. I am fascinated with Zoroastrianism and I am trying to see it in a more positive light..