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The Emperor of Mankind

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  • Thanx for fruballing wrong for the right reason.
    And for the murderous Saudis frubal.
    And for froobing politics being a tool of religion.
    And for the above the law cops flurble.
    And for flurbing diligence in preventing theocracy.
    And for the much in common with Iran flurbit.
    And for froulbing Riva's new transparent dress.
    Thanx for flourbling the killing all in Alabama headline.
    And for the problem of religion in government frubal.
    And for fruballing pastoral experts on sex.
    And for the trillions of dollars & millions of lives furble.
    And for froobing military restraint towards Iran.
    And for the Iranian connections furball.
    And for the continuing bountious plethora.
    Thanks for the frube on It's A BABY after all...

    And for the winner on The Ghost Galaxy you have my thanks
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