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The Emperor of Mankind

Where to begin? Ah, the start seems like a good place. Basically I was born then nothing interesting happened until I left the Mormon Church when I was between 16-18. I became a very passionate atheist while flirting with Buddhism which wasn't for me. My journey took on a more familiar shape in Daoist philosophy which has remained important to me to this day. My interest in religious Daoism has increased lately and I'm enjoying collecting works by the old Daoist masters.

I discovered Paganism was a living, breathing group of religions about 3 and a half years ago and I joined my first Pagan community 3 years ago last January. It's been nothing but a growing and learning experience ever since.

I also find Zoroastrianism quite interesting.
Greek Paganism
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We are the gods of the new world order,
We are the soldiers - the Legion of Light,
We are the Centre, the death of the Sun.
Fire and Flame,
We are One.