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Who is your favourite character from Celtic mythology?


Keeper of the Grove
Who is your favourite character from Celtic mythology? And what is your favourite Celtic saga/epic/poem?


That's tough for me...partly because I haven't looked into this for about a year, so the names/stories elude me XD;;.

I do love Celtic names though...so pretty when written, even lovelier when spoken.

And...um...I had a purple female betta fish name Blodeuwedd. :} I'm pretty sure that's the wrong spelling, but that's how I always spelled it for my fish XD.
Sianann and Mawn, the "Wanderers". You should read 'The Wanderers', 'The Watchers' and 'The Wellspring' trilogies by Caiseal Mor. Although its fact + fiction, he travelled around Ireland researching different Myths and combined them all in 3 trilogies. great reads for any lover of Celtic Mythology.



ThrUU the Looking Glass
Rhiannon, but I may just name a future daughter Ysoulde. I LOVE that name.


Active Member
Cuchulainn was always my favourite for many reasons, one being that I lived near the gap of the north and so could relate to many of the places in his stories. I also love the stories of the Fianna.


I can't say I have a favorite myth at this point; I'm studying the classic Ceridwen vs. Gwion-Bach/Taliesin story, and I keep dreaming of Arianrhod's spiral silver castle, spinning in the wheel of the heavens.

The goddesses for me are complicated, as it should be, I suppose :rolleyes:: Brighid's fire nourishes me; she is healer, poet, smith, and warrior. Rhiannon is undefeatable, even in heartbreak. The Morrighan gets a bad rep, but she's dear to me; prophetess, warrior, and even healer: she's the surgeon to Brighid's nurse. Danu is the Earth Mother, with all that includes. Ceridwen I cannot like, though I'm trying to understand her more - and I can't deny I'm learning a huge amount from her part in Taliesin's birthing.

As for the gods: I love the Daghda's generosity and sense of humor; Herne's startling wildness and beautiful strength; Belenos to me is supreme mystery and sheer power. Taranis makes me wary, with his unpredictable storm-god nature. The Mabon is a joy always, and Taliesin is so gentle yet unbreakable.

I'm sure I neglected to mention plenty of others who do matter to me, but this is long enough anyway. :yes:



Vinlandic Warrior
Same here! Correct me if I'm wrong ( i wish im wrong) but...dont berserkers belong to norse mythology? Are there similar warriors for the celts too?

They don't belong to Norse mythology. They were actual Norse warriors. Here is a Celtic equivalent though.

Cú Chulainn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy or ríastrad (similar to a berserker's frenzy, though sometimes called a "warp spasm" because of the physical changes that take place in the warrior),[1] in which he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe."


Rogue Scholar
I like several of them really for different reason. If pressed I would say Lugh Lamhfada. Though I also like the Dagda and Oghma (of course) ;) . The Mabinogion is a must have collection. Singled out tale (off the cuff) I would go with Hanes Taliesin.
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