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Which is more ethical? Hunting or Farming?

Discussion in 'Food and Beverage Forum' started by Hammerheart, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Hunting

    7 vote(s)
  2. Farming

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2015
    I was wondering what the general consensus was here regarding the ethics of obtaining meat. Personally, I think that hunting is the least painful, most natural way to kill an animal. The farming of animals is okay as well, but it Is generally done in ways that make animals sick and miserable.

    Hunting is more in accordance with nature. Have you ever wondered why people hunt for fun? Like all other carnivorous and omnivorous animals, humans have a natural prey drive; we enjoy hunting. Also, a bullet through the head is a lot less painful than a year inside a miniscule metal cage. I do abhor sport hunting, though. I think if one kills an animal, they should eat it.

    I'm not saying that I hunt. My parents are anti-gun. My mom wants all guns to be banned. So, naturally, hunting would not work out in my household.
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  2. metis

    metis aged ecumenical anthropologist

    Aug 27, 2013
    Catholic-- liberal & ecumenical
    Open-range techniques and modern slaughter is more humane than hunting in general, but not always.

    To me, killing for sport is simply sadistic, which is why I never have participated in it.

    BTW, I'm mostly vegetarian.
  3. Penumbra

    Penumbra Veteran Member
    Premium Member

    Jul 15, 2010
    Regulated hunting for food is a lot more sustainable for the environment, and causes a much briefer period of suffering for the animals, compared to factory-farmed animals.

    When, say, purely pastured-raised cows are brought into the comparison, I'd say they take the lead, though. A bolt through the head is a lot more assured compared to shooting at a deer with a higher error rate. Unless the bullet hits the head or the heart, it won't be as quick as the farmed cow's bolt death.
  4. Smart_Guy

    Smart_Guy ...
    Premium Member

    Dec 1, 2013
    Hunting it is, as long as it is not over-hunting.

    Two things I take in this; our nature and our need, both at the same time, not either one alone. Our nature decides that we eat meat, and our need decides that we hunt as we need to eat only. Other wise even hunting could be unethical. Many species extincted, are on the brink of extinction, or we cannot afford to hunt a little more of it due to its limited in number nature. We used to have that juicy huge crab here in the Red Sea about 15 years ago that ever since I haven't seen any of it. I can't even find it online. I think it was exclusive to our waters only.

    However, there is a problem. Some animals seem to live just to be raised by humans (which implies something, but I won't tell). If they are not farmed, they would be victimized by predator animals so easily and face extinction. I can't imagine cows, chickens and sheep, for example, live in the wild.
  5. Ingledsva


    Oct 4, 2011
    I'm a hunter gatherer.

    I hunt for venison, moose, elk, clams and muscles, shrimp, crab, fish, local native greens and berries, etc.

    My neighbor grows his own food with old world heritage seeds, and he raises his own chickens for meat and eggs.

    I think one animal is being left out of the equation = humans.

    Humans are better off with hunted food.

    Everything farm raised, or processed, has growth hormones, chemicals, or they are FrankenFoods, etc., which are bad for us, and cause huge populations of cancer victims.

    There have been several articles lately talking about holes so big in the natural/organic labels, - that whole armies are marching through them.

    The result is humans loose.

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