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What Is Your Religion or Worldview?

What is your religion or worldview?

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Rachel Rugelach

Shalom, y'all.
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I figure it's time I left a post of my own in this thread. I'm just going to repeat something I posted earlier this morning in a welcome thread that inspired me to write this. It probably fits better in this thread:

Although I'm a theist (Judaism is my religion), I don't have any expectations of others subscribing to the same things that my religion teaches me. I don't know where we go when we die (if we go anywhere at all), and I don't know what God looks like or exactly how God thinks. I am pro-science and I believe that living creatures evolve over time because I believe that God established natural laws that govern the world. I don't think that my religion exists to explain the things I don't understand, but instead to guide me in the things that I do understand. One thing that I do understand is that we all need to be kinder to each other in this world that we live in.



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I'm honestly thinking about giving the Taoist label a try. I've been leaning thay direction for a very long time but always felt I had more research to do. But the more I do research and self discovery the more I find that the interest in continued research and self-discovery is really the most Taoist thing there is.


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Currently, I'm a non-theist. People on RF have observed all the different religions I have tried, but I just couldn't really find one that fit me well. Personally, I think that to be religious, sometimes means applying unproven assertions to a God or gods, and then worshipping them based on those unproven assertions.

I'd say that isn't always the case about religious people either, though. Just something that I have sometimes observed, myself.

I still think religion has some good qualities, just that I find it difficult to "fit myself" into such a paradigm.


हर हर महादेव
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I believe in the atheist sect of Flawlessism, which is a religion restricted to 18+ to prevent the indoctrination of minors who are too young to understand it correctly, due to Flawlessism requiring quite a bit of knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Your beloved eccentric Auntie Cristal
Diabolism/Diabolatry, Demonolatry, sinister witchcraft, Luciferianism, Satanism, neo-paganism, occasional monolatrism, henotheism, methodological/ritualized blasphemy and catharsis, polytheism, autotheism, Left Hand Path (in general).

I call it In Diabolica. Short for Federated Covens In Diabolica. But it doesn't need (any official) name. It just is. I could call it In Chaotica as well. I just like In Diabolica. It sounds pretty to me.
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There is no other.
I'm a Kabbalist. Of the monotheistic variety.

I used to be an atheist. Then, on my thirty-third birthday, I had a vision of the Tree of Life. I saw long lines of descent, each one of them like threads on the greatest living tree. A ball of love filled light came down my line of forefathers, and I saw their lives play out in fast motion.
Halfway down, the light passed through the Messiah, and the whole tree shook and reverberated.
I've since learned that I'm a descendant of David.

I practice Kabbalah religiously and through it I receive teachings. Otherwise I rely on the scriptures, churches and bible study groups.
I was baptised Catholic as a child, never practiced. The majority of my family are neopentecostal Christians. I don't associate with these dogmas... in fact I prefer to come up with my own conclusions. I always had specific beliefs, some of which align with new age or religions from around the world. Had an interest in Buddhism, Taoism and a few other systems, however, now at almost 25 I am exploring the idea of neopaganism again and it makes a lot of sense to me. I came to the forum to ask a question about it but the other threads are nice, so I might stay.
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I apologize in advance if your religion isn't listed, as the software limits polls to ten choices. I did my best to name the most widely practiced.

If your religion, belief system, or worldview is not listed, feel free to select 'other' and post below. Also, there are many religions or traditions that fall under the the umbrella term in the poll, so feel free to be as specific as you like.

Also, this poll will not close, so if your beliefs evolve and you wish to change your affiliation, you are free to do so.
Religions are evolving with the living.

'Learn and grow' is my Motto


अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
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Then why is it that some religions don't evolve anymore because people stop believing in them and never believe in them ever again because there's no records of them left enough for them to evolve?
Can you provide me an example of one of these religions?