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What I seek in a Christian church.


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What a load of slander with no basis in scientific studies. And sad that you attempt to tar the left as being anti intellectual whilst at the same time having no scientific studies to back your claims.

Anybody with any observational talents at all can see the destruction that liberalism does to a society. California is a prime example. Tent cities popping up, vagrants crapping on the sidewalks, the drug culture, sanctuary cities for criminal aliens, high taxes, morons in elected office, etc., etc. And when those idiots Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are the pick of the litter in the House, then you know how debased liberalism has become. And here's another liberal mess:

Report: Homeless Death Rate in Los Angeles County Skyrockets | Breitbart
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Jesus in me
You could start your own church. Looking for the shoes that fit is a fruitless egocentric search. The shoes that fit are not your shoes.

I was never called to be a pastor but I did home church for a while so I could teach my children. It turned out to have an evangelical outreach as well since I found some who wouldn't ordinarily go to church were comfortable enough in my home to hear me teach.


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1. LBGT affirmed
2. to not condone the state's use of the death penalty
3. acknowledgment that there is a serious overpopulation problem in this world in spite of the clause in the bible "be fruitful and multiply": well, to multiply can mean performing the mathematical act of multiplication and be fruitful can mean be productive, so why not be fruitful by working hard to support the children you unselfishly adopted into your own home and watch the provisions for your adopted children multiply as you work in earnest to earn those means?
4. acceptance of the use of lawful contraceptives
5. acceptance of abortion to save the mother or in cases of rape or incest
6. to embrace stewardship of the earth God created: to frown upon pollution, to be environmentally conscious
7. to not condone warfare except in defense of people or one's nation from the enemies of peace and liberty
8. to encourage the kind and Christian act of adoption of children in need of homes; to discourage making babies purely out of gratification for a selfish ego
9. to condone the use of guns or weapons by citizens for lawful purposes as lawful hunting, lawful shooting sports and lawful personal defense from criminal threats of violence
10. to be very giving and charitable in nature
11. to frown upon hypocrisy
12. to teach love much more than hate

Why not start your own church/religion?


Veteran Member
So . . . ??? This does not take into consideration what you propose is not consistent with the many conflicting diverse churches and believers who claim what you are describing, and would not agree with you and claim their way is the only way.
It is very apparent, because of the subjective nature of the interpretations, many if not most make the choices that appeal to their own personal comfort choice.

Yes, people often choose by 'personal comfort choice', or as to have their ' ears tickled ' - 2 Timothy 4:3
Many religious leaders in Jesus' day were sincere in personal comfort choice, but ended up being sincerely wrong.
Jesus and his followers never went by tradition or custom outside of Scripture as most of the present world does.
The corrupted present world exists because of the failure of people to respond to Jesus' teachings as found in Scripture.