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What does God want from you?


Veteran Member
Is all we can know really only in a box of beliefs? I could never ever limit myself in the way you have chosen to do. A belief is only the start on the journey to Discover. It is never the end. If one chooses that a belief is the end, one does not really seek the Truth.

That's what I see. It's very clear!!
I have not limited myself just because I have certain beliefs. There is no logical connection between having certain beliefs and being limited.

Belief is not the end of my journey, it is just the beginning. I will continue to learn and grow for all of my life and throughout the next life.


Veteran Member
.......................I must ask. Pay your vows??? What vows are one supposed to pay? Isn't this just mankind asking for money?..................
The marriage vow for one besides any scriptural promise one makes to God.
Money is a material thing. Jesus did Not teach to ask for money but stressed doing spiritual works - Matthew 24:14; Acts 1:8