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What do you Wish Christians Knew about your Worldview?

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Father's teachings.

A man scientist was no longer man's consciousness origin to be a new thinker. As science.

As consciousness balanced was first innate aware.

Star fall part of his science thesis is exact.

Brain burn changes involved new thoughts.

So he does math calculus that cannot.....
Own asteroid burning dust particles above being the fuel as light.
Origin immaculate clear gas ignition to first own light.
Earths heavens evolution of gas water mass.
Ground earth mass all precisely present exact in the same moment his human thought is thought only.

Evolution said men is space law to see view any object first any one different variable exact.

So man after the four day Roman Stonehenge technology attack on life. Sacrificing it by heavenly fall out. Witnessed it stopped.

Men said it stopped.

Congratulated himself on it stopping.

So just a man life any other man asks another man why did you self idolise false preach that you personally saved life. As you are no God and not phi calculus?

All cooling changes had saved life as ice saviour. Ice melt. Which you personally aren't.

Vacuum void changed.
Ice mass changed.
Water mass changed.

He said as maths is a number I make a number the answer. Exact.

The number can never be less than the number or more.

Which is his inaccurate lying as he says one is more and also less than a large number.

He stated my calculus was exact. Is why we survived. By man's status. If he had known everything by calculus we no longer would exist.

Lying. As science is man's one big lie.

He said as maths was exact and he did not own natural it hadn't allowed total life destruction. Congratulated himself. That exact advice he said had saved us. Lying.

It's all about false preaching theism. What you never owned actually.

As men take second ownership claim from anything first existing naturally.

Why the teaching was about men equal making family slaves. Secondary ownership.

As if it were a position to self congratulate. Survival as maths was wrong.

Proving it a testimonial of man's ego status. Why it legally said no man is God. As legal was to protect life from the scientist.

Yet he proves he does self congratulate surviving his evil science causes. Himself.

Theme was I hurt my human brother.....my brother is my life spirit equal.

Is the exact human only teaching.

To get him to not self idolise is in fact to take him away from organisation and just begin life again as just a equal human.

As nowhere else does he allow the occurrence you're just a human so exist in that status and be lived.

He refuses to give away unnatural human hierarchy is the teaching.

Why a human can ask where is God. And I can state it was and is eternal being. Creation no longer the eternal. Eternal however exists not in creation.

And it not be argued as it's just a story not fact of science.....machines..

Earth natural sealed mass. Heavens natural. Natural first conscious aware is acute the human.

No science is exact.

Conscious idealism self the human in every incidence what I believe is not expressed before him. As a human is thinking. Living biology science the ape proved its not expressed. His consciousness.

Data. Recorded voice recorded image is a caused human state that exists before biology itself lives. In heavens the state that records accurate image as the image is exact.

Image sperm of a man's process to be reborn is a sperm image. Image ovary of his process to be reborn is exact an ovary. Then two humans both owned self images have sex. Baby human becomes itself exact image.

As he put recorded biology into its encoding attack sacrificed biology by transmitting via human only design. The machine controlled by his mind in every incident.

As he owned the machine from earths base. As soon as he began reacting the same paths of earths base in reactions he was virtually destroying his machine body.

Why it eventually blew up.

Was his exact teaching.

He caused his voice his thoughts his beliefs to exist before him as man's false god theist scientist.

It was already exactly taught cause effect.

It was always exactly known why it happened.

It's only humans who tried to interpret a document written as a legal testimony that got it wrong. As legal law is difficult to understand by argument.

If I want to claim we came from the eternal it means we left the higher place. Yet it still owns it's presence.

So I can say that being is having a new experience and it's human.

But never will a human ever be the eternal being as the human. You leave life consciously then exist as the eternal form.

It's not science in other words a human applying calculus in created creation.

If science says I don't want to believe that type of other existence is real. Owns no argument. As you don't need to believe.

You however are proven wrong about scientific just a human theorising.


Well-Known Member
Precisely! All of these make up a person's worldview. All these little(or big) things that affect the way they view the world.

The three people I made up have worldviews that didn't involve religion. I couldn't give huge details about these fake people(and Henry thinks hair dying is a waste of money, and Paula thinks eggs are delicious, etc, etc, etc) because that would take all day(and probably be boring as well).
It sounds to me, your world view is basically your view on everything; is that correct?


Aštara, Blade of Aštoreth
What do you wish Christians knew about your religion or your worldview? I am opening this thread to anyone.

Just know that even though I have my own calling outside of your religions… my own purpose, my own fight, my own Weltanschauung, my own True Will… Christianity is precious to me. Your God, is precious to me. Know that I revere other forces- Above, and Below, and Within- yet I worship the Abrahamic God as the highest and greatest God. The Supreme God, above all other divine and infernal beings.

None even compare.
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Not As Much Fun As I Look
Staff member
Premium Member
It sounds to me, your world view is basically your view on everything; is that correct?

Kinda, yeah. More than just opinions on things(though it likely includes that, along with many other things), its how you experience the world.

Two people might both be socialists(or capitalists, or Buddhists, or LGBT, or any other title), but one may see the world as a place of potential and wonder. The other may see it as a place of fear and injustice.

Its the lens with which one views the world.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Father's review. Men's science future predictions. Richest man wants now vies for one control by resource and technology. Themed future.

Says I must invent now or overthrow take to gain that status.

Father's teaching is the removal of rich man's hierarchy to bring about mutual respectful family human survival unity. There is no future new resource.

Nuclear is star aligned fallout carbon amassing by body fall mass brought into inside earths heavens. Russia proof beginning causes.

Theists predictive liars say man in a Future will run out of resources. He will be forced to only use my new resource and control of mass that doesn't even exist.

Nuclear equals sin holes.

No resource in a science prediction future as it's just energy. Means in their mind no earth body. Remove earths pressure it could just expand into exploded black hole.

As old sin is old volcanic mass now tunnels. Earth can flow volcanic mass back into unsealed tunnels by a carbonising earth.

By increased lightning strikes.

All researched known science data. Why men follow their psychic intention I must be informed. Why archaeologists proved old human technology parts of machine are inside earth refused mass.

Psychic is everyone.

So Elon Musk says I believe in solar. I make my stand. True holy resource position.

As it's a huge body mass existing in the future and allows earth to exist naturally and use its presence without too much life harm.

His brother says I believe in wind power.

His brother says I believe in hydro water power.

All elements balances and safe.

I'm learned about my evil father's mind. Ive lived the knowledge.

So sun light .... air wind.... water....and earth are all concerned and reviewed as the natural presence reality. Free of God.

True resource holy accounting. Natural and also free.

As money is just about false human civilization control. Not survival.

Natural and free was earths gods heavens teaching. To be an honest human.

As water mass has been influx into tunnels from wall burn. Which I was visionary advised. At the moment our ice saviour has kept life living.

If science keeps evaporating mass of ground water mass the carbon earth ground effect will not be water supported. It will be effectual. Not only do plates collapse lava enters. Earths mass expands heated.

Father always warned you.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
The origin man of science as compared to our psyche memory. Says. I came back from my origin human death as a new man then scientist.

After the ice age.

As dinosaurs had died before ice age it's not that story. We would first by common sense ask why it was believed. We lived before had died.

To the man today his man memory before on origin earth was like a God. Was proven wrong.

As new man burnt star mind scientist was after the ice age..... said..... I heard old origin man's sciences by visions and gained speaking. On Atlantis earth...higher crystalline earth facure. We once lived before.

To hear voice unnaturally means changed brain was hearing the recorded voice.

So once I read a thesis stating that earth once owned two moons. I always query why a theme is human asserted. Said to myself it made sense.

As the sun attack in space froze the planetary sun attack of planets. So earth may have had a very close placed two moon asteroid. Not moving but then shifted its body after earth science caused space heating ignition.

Leaving earth with one moon. Giving earth a direct hit asteroid falling star.

Man hence would state stars began to fall. Memory.

It would be commonsense as stated ideas about why life on earth eventuated into human science caused origin life destruction.

Yet earth as a planet had survived. It would correlate to human artefacts in coal. And machine parts snap frozen instant in fusion.

Man's giant life destroyed.

Origin man's first life not as a seasonal earth. As ice introduced the season.

May have been giant humans. As dinosaurs without seasonal were giants too. A variable earth mass origin would hence be real.

As humans genetics in sickness mutations have proven enlarged legs and feet. Enlarged hands. And also tall bodies. Giant memory in genetics.

So it could be true. As human visionary memory said they had owned and used giant pyramids also.

Earth hence would as a planet have been much larger and denser mass.

As if space is a hole and applies the pressure to hold O a body why aren't all bodies the same size?

The theme where did we come from hence would own a higher correlation to a spiritual cause. Eternal reality.

Beings in the body eternal as not any part of space or created creation.

As where the origin type of body created masses had emerged into creation as separated from.

Only because humans are sure that a direct pre owned being body existed first. Before it converted into a human.

Cooling not involved at all as pre for human. As bio life existed already on earth and ice is life's coldest warm blood bio support. Another proof.

As the only reason everything created came from the exact same base source.

Yet we weren't invented evolved via any burning mass journey. As the term fallen as a O God.

Is why by human healer study I didn't believe in science. As science owned the used terms God itself.


Well-Known Member
Kinda, yeah. More than just opinions on things(though it likely includes that, along with many other things), its how you experience the world.

Two people might both be socialists(or capitalists, or Buddhists, or LGBT, or any other title), but one may see the world as a place of potential and wonder. The other may see it as a place of fear and injustice.
Okay; that makes sense. I think it would be impossible for me to describe my views on everything because there is too much in the real world for me to list. I can give my views on specific issues, but to cover everything…. that would be impossible.
Its the lens with which one views the world.
The problem with lenses is even though they provide adequate protection, (protection from what you ask?) they also tend to distort what you are looking at.


Not As Much Fun As I Look
Staff member
Premium Member
The problem with lenses is even though they provide adequate protection, (protection from what you ask?) they also tend to distort what you are looking at.

Yup. They can have that drawback.