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Weight Loss and Diet Support Group

Marvin L. Zinn

no title
Well no one posted here in a long time. Long story short, I'm about 140 pounds right now.

I'm really struggling in finding a way to be able to lose weight and maintain it. My calorie requirements are actually quite low (around 1650) and I hate to exercise... . . . ' I mean, if I am eating over my calorie amount and then manage to burn 200 calories, I might just come about even and not lose anything. Something has to give in and right now, I don't feel up to exercising more.

Ugh why is this so fraking difficult!?
I suggest you stop counting calories and just eat organic fruit and vegetables, and avoid meat more than once a day. Avoid anything containing sugar. Of course it you sit all day, that would make it more difficult.


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I suggest you stop counting calories and just eat organic fruit and vegetables, and avoid meat more than once a day. Avoid anything containing sugar. Of course it you sit all day, that would make it more difficult.

Thank you for the advice! I actually don't eat meat at all, I've only recently included a bit of eggs but generally speaking, I try to eat vegan as often as possible. So beans, nuts, tofu and so on.

Also I managed to gain even more weight, I'm 154 now. :/ I do know some meds can make you gain weight, I'm on SSRIs, but also I've been ridiculously hungry previously. I've managed to regain some control so I lost a few pounds from the highest point, but I can't seem to lose much.

At least the light at the end of the tunnel is that I'll probably move somewhere else within the next year and I'll have a lot more access to places, so I'll walk (can't drive) and take the train into the city. I hate exercise but don't mind walking to places, just that there's NOTHING around here. Sometimes changing the environment is what's needed.

Marvin L. Zinn

no title
OK, walk here to St, Joseph, Michigan, and I will serve you a meal out of my garden. (It is mostly ice in the winter and salad with worms for desert all summer) Then you can walk back home after each meal.
You might want to go back to your childhood and maintain a better health the rest of your life. To get back to youth, just count backwards each year.

Problem solving Marvin


Let's go full Trottle
Well I have been recently turning my life around. I am a large person, but not too rotund, maybe just a little. But about 6 months ago I slipped in cat vomit, not a fancy story, and severely sprained my knee. Bad enough that I was unable to walk for 2 and a half weeks. X-rays reveled I didn't tear anything thankfully but did reveal I had minor arthritis in my knees, I'm 34 that's not good, I been heavy my whole life. I'm also freakishly tall which I guess has been an excuse in a way for my hi weight. But the doc said the weight is the cause of the arthritis, and he didn't think I could recover in the time frame of a year from this injury because I'm so overweight, at the time i was about 430 lbs.

So I'm a bit of an arrogant donkey, for terms likely to be censored. And used my uh stubbornness for positivity and his statement to galvanize my will to turn things around. Now I'm 390 lbs and losing about a half pound a day through diet and a bit of exercise which is right now just rehab exercises for my knee.

The key to weight loss is WATER. drink lots of it, peeing is how your body gets rid of waste, extra jazz your body doesn't need, poopin' is just what's left of the food you ate. water water water. I eat veggies n a little poultry, fruit shakes in the morning, fresh fruit snacks, I gave up soda, almost eradicated bread out of my diet, some bread is good but only a little. no sweets or crackers, nothing that looks processed fresh everything. I will eat fruit but no juice, juice is loaded with sugar. portion control that's my main issue but I'm getting a handle on things.

Drink water, no tea, no coffee, no soda, not even fruit juice. water man minimum 64 fl oz a day. coffee and tea are diuretics and just make the fluid flow through the body and your kidneys not enough time to dump waste. and get a fit bit, helps you track your progress and food, count calories. Helps realize what exactly you are putting into your own body. wanna lose weight fast?eat 1000 calories less than you need to eat to maintain body weight. to maintain, for me it's 3000 calories. I try to eat 2000 or less per day. That's a bit radical but I'm ready mentally to be less. And that is equally as important. Mentally changing your identity from a fatso to a more healthy person and eventually to a healthy in shape individual, because if you don't internally view your self as healthy you are going to pack on those pounds all over again.

You are your greatest supporter or worst enemy. Who you choose to be is entirely up to you.


I hear and read many discussion on this "lose weight" discussion. My common reply when asked is, "Stop eating junk!" I am often asked about it because my weight has always been below normal, and never changed 5 lbs in 50 years. (The greatest addictive drug in the world is SUGAR.)

It's truth in many cases. My weight finally became normal after stopping eating the junk food and I didn't do any exercises. Soda is an addictive thing too.


From my own experience with losing weight I can say that there isn't any universal method for everyone because some of them are really good for some people and some methods aren't effective at all. That's why while losing weight you need to make experiements with various methods and see which ones are the most effective for you and also totally safe for your health too.
In my case the most effective methods were drinking much water during the day, constant tracking of my diet, adding in my daily menu more vegetables and fruits, reducing of soda and sugar in it too, avoiding skipping breakfast and also stopping eating at nights/not long before going to bed. I made physical exercises every day, also ran several times a week and added some relaxation techniques for feeling less stressful in general and better sleeping (its lack usually makes the weight loss harder).
I has some problems with hormonal imbalance too which was one of the reasons for my extra kilos so I used some natural methods of fixing it too. However in some cases only a medical therapy nexelmedical.com/hgh-injections can be really helpful, that's why it's necessary to check your hormones before the start of the weight loss journey. It's needed if you do your best with other methods too but don't see any vivid results for a long time (excepet periods of plateus).


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