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Using water, fire and Gong in meditation?


Well-Known Member
I have done some fire gazing for meditation in the past, and I using looking into water now, an ocean on my virtual reality game and have been a toa gong service where Gongs were used. Its easier to break into a state of meditation this way some think its lazy to use it or not correct. Does anyone have opinions on the this?


Be your own guru
Sound is a nice way to meditate. I used to do that (I do not need it now having achieved what I wanted to achieve). Gazing into a fire or the flame of a candle, gazing into water, counting, looking at a pendulum is sort of dumb as far as my view goes.

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
Zen garden. Don't forget to place one stone under the sand. ;0)

A gong might serve well. I tend to focus on emptiness during such moments, when you suddenly find yourself transfixed, and sharply awoken upon realisation whenever the transfixation breaks and fades.