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Trump says, "If I lose, you'll never see me again"

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
Or his friend Vladimir might give him asylum and let him live in Moscow to escape prosecution? Or maybe Little Rocket Man could host his exile in North Korea? In either case, he'll be gone. :)

Also, I wonder, if Trump is no longer a public official, will Twitter treat him like any other troll and ban him permanently? That would be joyous. Silence. Beautiful silence. Trump's Twitter pukings, no more.
I can see it now.

Trump out.

In comes Weekend With Bernie er Biden.


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
Even if Mr. Trump is never seen again -- and I highly doubt he'll go so quietly -- we'll be cleaning up his mess for a generation. At least a generation. America today is what a country looks like when it's taken over by its village idiots.


Well-Known Member
In comes Weekend With Bernie er Biden.
It must be heartbreaking to have prepared this zinger of a joke and then not be able to use it properly, only because the Democratic Party didn't follow the script and nominate Sanders as Presidential candidate.