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Trump says, "If I lose, you'll never see me again"


ALL in all
Premium Member
Too bad previous presidents don't have the same grace...
grace would be current presidents not blaming past presidents for their current poor performance. if you ran on the premise that you can fix it, don't blame someone else when you can't.

he who has more will be given. he who has not, even that will be taken away and given to another who does


1/10 Subway Stalinist
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Trump tells supporters 'you'll never see me again' if he loses to Biden

I say, bring it on. I can live with that. I love how Biden posted Trump's message on Twitter and said, "I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message."

Guilt trips, eh?
I don't believe that for a second.

When I look at Trump's life, I get the impression of something akin to a Ponzi scheme: something that needs to churn through money in order to maintain the illusion of wealth, and if it stopped moving, would collapse in on itself.


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aged ecumenical anthropologist
If Trump loses, he will likely not leave office-- at least voluntarily. He's even admitted as such when he has repeatedly said that the only way he could lose is through "voter fraud".

A Vestigial Mote

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Too bad previous presidents don't have the same grace...
Hahaha... you may want to wait to state something like this until AFTER Trump proves it to be a true statement from him. Given his track record so far, I wouldn't put much stock at all in him staying out of the public eye if he loses come November. It seems ludicrous that anyone would believe these words of his outright. In other words - whether or not Trump has this "grace" you speak of remains to be seen, but you speak as if it is a done deal. If it were to come down to a bet, I wouldn't take it unless it was for no more than a penny if I were you.


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He's smarter than people give him credit for. If he stays, he'll end up in a prison cell.
Or his friend Vladimir might give him asylum and let him live in Moscow to escape prosecution? Or maybe Little Rocket Man could host his exile in North Korea? In either case, he'll be gone. :)

Also, I wonder, if Trump is no longer a public official, will Twitter treat him like any other troll and ban him permanently? That would be joyous. Silence. Beautiful silence. Trump's Twitter pukings, no more.