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The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber & Business Owner
I think that's a war crime in 20 or so countries.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
During today’s “epiphany” I felt like I was going to die if I fell asleep. It totally freaked me out. I am not going to make that mistake again. Death is a separate act than sleeping or dreaming and should be treated like such. I’m currently getting rid of all these negative thoughts that permeate my head right now and trying to go to sleep. I got a bottle of caffeinated Cola so I might be up for awhile — but it won’t be because I think I’ll die when I sleep, fortunately.

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
Same old thing been going on in my government office, with the corporate side, for 20 years....and I am tired of it....so..... I no longer care...... officially retirement is now less than 4 years away...... I think I shall retire in place as of today......


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Police in Guelph, Ont. have charged a man who they say failed a driving test before driving off and nearly hitting four people with his vehicle and then deciding to do burnouts in a parking lot.

According to a news release, officers were called to a Woodlawn Road West plaza around 4 p.m. Monday after a man got angry after he failed his driving test.

The driver allegedly yelled at drive test staff, got into his vehicle, sped through the parking lot, drove through a walkway nearly hitting four people, and then did a number of burnouts in the plaza parking lot.

Police say they found him sitting in the driver's seat of the parked vehicle.

A 36-year-old Brampton, Ont. man has been charged with dangerous driving and stunt driving. He was banned from driving for a month and his vehicle was impounded for two weeks.

If he failed his driving test, then it seems he wouldn't have a license, but they said he was banned from driving for a month.

sun rise

The world is on fire
Premium Member
Yup, I am tired of constantly being told by the corp side "WE'RE A TEAM" only when they need something..... and that is never reciprocated.

Depending on cellphone/pc, I recommend a suitable retirement countdown clock app.


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I see the first symptoms of "short timers syndrome" Urban Dictionary: short timer syndrome

Reminds me of Chef's line in Apocalypse Now

Chef : What? Oh, that's typical! ****! ****in' Vietnam mission! I'm short, and we gotta go up there so you can kill one of our own guys? That's ****in' great! That's just ****in' great! ****! That's ****in' crazy! I thought you were going in there to blow up a bridge, or some ****ing railroad tracks or something!


Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
its one of those nights where all I want to do is drink tea..... but I have decided to only drink two cups