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The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
I can't think of any reason I'd pay hush money to a porn star. In fact, if I ever was with a porn star, I wouldn't mind if she told anyone. In fact, I might pay her to broadcast it all over the place. It would increase my street cred among the players. ;)
I think that the embarrassing part is that he paid them to have sex with him in the first place. Though it was not a bad use of that money. Not for Stormy, but for the Playboy Playmate. You do not get a lot of street cred for using your money to buy sex.

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
Had a great vacation....came back....rash on the back of my hands, shoulder hurts from carrying.a pack for 4 days, and my right knee hurts too.... I need a vacation from my vacation

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber & Business Owner
Well, I am a professional. I have a reputation to upkeep. :kissing: :tonguewink:
I don't pay to hush, I just hush them. That's why I have some suspicious and unusual mounds in my yard. I try to be more neat and clean than that, but space is limited and sometimes I just feel like using someone's small intestine as a jump rope.