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The last post is the WINNER!


I go leaps and bounds
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What is the relative value of....
1) 1/4 pound of spendy wonderful pico de gallo.
2) 1/4 pound of dirt.

#1 is several bucks.
#2 is under a penny.

I doubt 1/4lb of salsa would make 1/4lb of dirt, probably be lucky to get an ounce.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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I am home win



Subduction Zone

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Not when it goes off ... To the compost bin
Which is why you do not make tons of the stuff. Now I love salsa, but sometimes you need pico de gallo. I will chop up two to for roma tomatoes, more than that is a waste, and other ingredients in proportion to how much I need. If I do not use a whole onion I will se the rest in a day or two. The same could be said of a serrano or jalapeno pepper.

But if I am just snacking on corn chips and salsa I will use the jarred stuff.

And the difference is the vinegar. Vinegar in salsas acts as a preservative. But it also throws the flavor off. In pico de gallo one uses freshly squeezed lime juice instead.