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The biggest hunger strike


THE BIGGEST HUNGER STRIKE IN HISTORY!!! 1800 Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike . International Media has had a total blackout on this, fearing the up rise of more non-violent resistance, and the support of the International Community.

The details of the deal made with the prisoners are here :
Deal reached over Palestinian hunger strike - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Source: "Mo'taz abdel-Fattah "..the words are quoted from his FB group
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From Al Jazeera ...
Most of some 2,000 prisoners, more than one-third of the 4,800 Palestinians in Israeli jails, began refusing food on April 17 although a few had been fasting much longer - up to 77 days.

Their protest centered on demands for more family visits, an end to solitary confinement and an easing of so-called "administrative detention", a practice that has drawn international criticism on human rights grounds.
A couple of points:
  1. more information is available here and here.
  2. talk of an international media blackout is absurd.
  3. the huge print is childish.
  4. I wish Gilad Shalit had been afforded family visits.


This is a relevant article written by dr. Tariq Ramadan:

Beyond the silence of shame ,by Tariq Ramadan

Perhaps most shocking, revolting and unacceptable of all, is the silence of the international media on the Palestinian movement and the hunger strikers. There are 1,600 of them, some of whom will die, and their noble, non-violent resistance is ignored or even denied. It is as though Israel, the West's unconditional ally, enjoys special consideration and the Palestinians — themselves part of the Arab Spring — warrant only passing attention. The media laud the courage of the Tunisians, the Egyptians, the Libyans and the Syrians in their resistance to dictatorship (that the US and Europe for so long supported) but ignore the seemingly infinite determination of the Palestinians as they stand up against a self-styled democracy that behaves exactly like a colonial-era dictatorship. When they voted for Hamas, the Palestinians proved themselves to be bad democrats; today they are bad Arabs as they resist the demeaning treatment inflicted on them by the West's Israeli ally. They will always be wrong; Israel will always be right in dispossessing, torturing, imprisoning and colonising them, slowly but surely. Meanwhile, the world looks on in silence. The silence of shame. The politicians, the intellectuals and the journalists who remain silent while claiming to be specialists in Middle Eastern affairs, bring shame to their respective professions. And the Arabs among them who crave only respectability in the eyes of the West by forgetting the oppressed of Palestine, are doubly contemptible. History will certainly judge them harshly. Indeed, there exists in human memory an informal court of cowards, traitors and historic sell-outs. But Palestine will one day have its day in the courtroom of dignity and justice: for history, in history. That court case, Israel has already lost.
gulfnews : Beyond the silence of shame
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If a Palestinian asks for some humanity they are ignored this is going on for 60years its like the holo-caust had moved.