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Tales of Power (by Carlos Castaneda)

Master Vigil

Well-Known Member
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! But I want to be an indian mommy!!! Yeah, I would laugh at them for only then will they feel stupid. For a while I thought I was like the shamans because of my abilities, but I never claimed to be a shaman. It just wasn't my right to claim that title, especially because shamans go through hard training their whole lives to achieve that title. I was only a simple guy with odd abilities.

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
another book to check out in referance to Castaneda...

>>From the Washington Post Brian Doherty reviews Sorceror’s Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda by Amy Wallace

"Castaneda assured Wallace that his magic sperm went straight to a woman’s brain, where it effected positive change — and could not impregnate, as his lovers were merely human. He could read newspapers through his toes. With charisma based on such incredible claims, he kept everyone around him in constant anxiety by alternately offering warm approval and assaulting their inherent worth."<<

apparently his books have been linked to the poisoning deaths of several teenagers recently... he discribes using jimsonweed to get to 'an altered state of consciousness'... jimsonweed is highly toxic.

a couple of good pages on him

I've said it before and I'm shure I'll say it agian

never trust anyone who is selling Native Religion!!!!
they are plastic indians and fake shamans...