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Master Vigil
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  • Ohhhh. I see what you mean. Sorry I also like to run around the woods in them jumping over stuff and such. That is why I would be afraid of impaling myself. I do like walking contemplatively though.
    Yes, LOL, the Penguins. They have their own merchandise outlet next to Barnes & Noble, for pete's sweet sake. I'm not into sports either.
    Thanks for the welcome! Great to meet you as well; we do have some awesome trees to hug, don't we? ; )
    Oo I like your new profile pick. Anyway I was wondering if you have practiced Aikido? What did you think, if you have? I am probably going to join an Aikido class after I get a second job ( I might have one already). Sadly there aren't very many people who teach the martial aspects of Tai Chi fully around here. So I thought Aikido would be a good alternative. The philosophies behind them seem quite similar.
    That's pretty damn impressive! I've being doing Shotokan for about 10 years now, started when I was 6. Can't take 3rd Dan in Shotokan until you're 21 though, so I was thinking about starting something else as well. Any ideas?
    Well hello there. It's strange to come back, after I've been "away" from Religious forums for several years. I guess I just wanted to touch base with you since you were rather influential in helping me examine my own thoughts about faith.

    I hope you are doing well and life is happy and peaceful for you. I also wanted to thank you for the guidance and politeness you extended to me. The little girl you met is slowly growing up. Please keep in touch.
    Hey man, all kidding aside, I don't want to argue with you. It just seems to focus on negative aspects of a human instead of the contributions, especially a dead person seems wrong to me. We're not talking about Hitler here, but a person who loved life.

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