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painted wolf
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  • Modern humans are H.sapiens sapiens but since we don't have any living relations just using H.sapiens is fine. Neanderthals are either classified as H.neanderthalensis or H.sapiens neanderthalensis.
    Cro Magnon are AMHS and really aren't considered a valid distinct group. Though the term is casually used to talk about the European population of Early Modern Humans (EMH).
    That's kind of a shame. I know I occasionally am not entirely certain of some things (for example: humans: h. sapiens sapiens, or homo sapiens? Are Neanderthals categorised as h. sapiens H. s. neanderthalensis, how are AMHS and Cro Magnon distinguished: merely by culture and date, or also biology? etc), so I think this kind of thread would be useful. But I imagine it'd turn into another turd flinging thread.
    Hey pw, I was wondering -- do you think making thread on RF where people who accept evolution can ask questions on it to improve their knowledge of it would be a good idea, or do you think it would be hijacked and turned into a debate thread?
    Tremendously, thank you so much. :)

    Native American tribes, religions, etc have interested for a long time. I keep trying to learn more, but it's surprisingly difficult from overseas.

    Where should I look for each tribe's traditional beliefs, and is there a "Native American Confederation of Tribes" or something, for lack of a better term? :)
    Hi pw, do you know where I would be able to find a map with the traditional tribal homelands written there?

    For example, on a map of Wisconsin, it'd say Ho-Chunk, Iroquois, etc? :)
    add one fact per page and maybe a small essay in the front.keep me posted id like to help on a project like that
    You should ones about evolutionary lineages and make it educational. Ahah id help it grow in jersey that sounds dope.
    Ohh that's awesome. What theme were you thinking?
    also do you do avatars or is that some one else work?
    hey how have you been. i have not had a chance to talk to you in awhile and seems we keep missing each other in threads so hello pw
    I wouldn't say they are worth your time. In fact, I would suggest quite the opposite.
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