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Symbols in Satanism


Inverted Pentagram


Symbolizes the morning star, a name Satan has taken. Used in witchcraft and occult rituals to conjure up evil spirits.

everyone post a symbol!!

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
I'd post the 'alter' but I think it would be a bit 'obsene'...
Acording to the satinic bible the alter should be a naked woman....

gotta' love them satinists.. :party:



New Member
Another symbolic attribute of the pentagrams (both upward and downward ones) is spiritual transcendence (upward) and spiritual manifestation (downward).

The upward pointing pentagram symbolizes man's pursuit to liberate his spirit (death, heaven, etc). This is somewhat obvious, as the upward/downward point of the pentagram is attributed to the element of spirit, the other four points being attributed to the four other elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Thus, the downward pointing pentagram symbolizes man's acceptance and perfection of the material world and all the experiences therein. It's not so much a denial of the spiritual. It's just that the Satanist prefers to indulge in the here and now. An acceptance of the physical.

Also, there's the goat (baphomet) within the Satanic pentagram. In one sense, this is the scapegoat. The goat is also a symbol of the mastery of the Earth. There's also much metaphor in the two horns, representing the duality of life: hate/love, pain/pleasure, etc.


I can really put in a symbol(not a suppording member..YET!) but "666". Though this is not a symbol, it means the rivals of the church, because of the nickname they gave to a corrupt ceasar, and then passed the name on to Satan.



Aštara, Blade of Aštoreth
I would consider the pyramid a satanic symbol... not exclusively satanic, but satanic nonetheless...


Active Member
Star of David. Pure evil.

It contains 6 small triangles, 6 large triangles (as above, so below), 6 mirror trapeziums, a hexagon, a silohette of the evil Cube of Mecca and a silohette of a icosahedron.

How many sides does a cube of Mecca have - 9. 9 is ego. No matter what you do in terms of power up and multiplication, the sum of the answer always returns to 9.

Ego always amplifies itself.


Premium Member
One of my favorite Satanic symbols is the Order of the Trapezoid insignia. Gaze into the black trapezoid and wait for it.


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Engravings: Exoskeleton

Symbols are a great 'window' into a metaphysical approach.

The website for the Satanic Temple offers us the goat-god Baphomet inscribed in a pentagram, and certainly, the symbols mentioned on this board explore the social significance of Satanic worship.

I want to draw some attention towards the special engravings cited in Roman Polanski's unusual but provocative Satanism-themed film The Ninth Gate. The engravings are from an actual Occult book rumoured to have been co-written by the Devil and seem to signify a focus on the 'journey' of the Satanist.

The engravings are shown in the image below, and if you notice, you'll see that the orientation of the figures is important, since they seem to represent experience more than understanding. The appearance of the clothing in the lower row of engravings and the lack of clothing in the final engraving on the flipside seem to represent an invitation to explore the 'culture' of the Occult.

These engravings suggest that Satanism pays special attention to 'atmospheric vertigo,' which is why I like comparing the 'muscular euphoria' imagery/symbolism seemingly inherent and rich in Satanism with the Marvel comic book super-villain Jigsaw, who symbolizes pure anarchy.

Very intriguing, no?



Social Symbols: Art Decameron

How should we talk about symbols circulated in pop culture?

Roman Polanski's two pseudo-Satanic films Rosemary's Baby and The Ninth Gate got quite a bit of viewership and featured the popular movie stars Mia Farrow and Johnny Depp.

Lucifer Morningstar (DC Comics) is a comics-adapted allusion to Lucifer, the Christian Devil (or fallen angel).

Could symbols of Satanism in pop culture serve as a 'discourse gate' to controversial questions?