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Should Sharia Law be forbidden in Non-Muslim (Western) countries?

As above

  • Yes

  • No

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Code Jockey
Muslims are such a small minority (less than 1 percent in the US) that they have no political power.The specifics of what's in Sharia law are irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether Sharia is the most oppressive medieval framework for a nightmarish theocracy. In the United States of America, only U.S. law governs. Period. Supreme law of the land" nails it down pretty well. I don't see anything in the constitution about exceptions made for religious law, and their is no law that supersede the U.S. Constitution.

Sharia is deemed by Islam to be "revealed," in that it was supposedly handed down by Allah himself, and as such is perfect, unchangeable, uninterpretable, and beyond the reach of man to alter it. In other words, Sharia is undemocratic.


NT Law cannot be trumped. The odds are quite high that the Quran is from the weekend that Jesus spent with the Samarian woman from the well. It is more like the book is about Gentiles in the OT that would parallel the time the 12 Tribes existed rather than a guide for what should take place in the future. Nobody in the Jewish religion is suggesting the stoning practice comes back so why would something else that is similar be implemented??