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  • Thank you for the winner and funny frubes on Classic failed science predictions and a faulty cosmological model exposed
    Thanx for froobing Athena springing from the head of Zeus.
    And for the been there & done that on the Moon frubal.
    And for fruballing the entertainment value of a piece of string.'
    And for the keen observer fruber.
    And for flurbing not being right, & not even being wrong.
    And for the usefulness of physics frooble.
    And for foorlbing the missing IQ decimal point.
    Thanx for the sinless fruble!
    And for fruballing all new mistakes in the next life!
    And for the atheists being God's chosen fruben!
    And for furballing the singular reason for not believing!
    And for that ole time atheism frubism!
    And for froobing the inanimate carbon rod!
    And for the walls of tedious text furball !
    And for flurbing liberal atheists.
    And for the atheist unfold frubil.
    I like your posts. Have you ever wondered why human beings are in a metaphysical prison between nature and more-than-nature? No other species is as destructive or bears the capacity to destroy the planet. I am 90% convinced of atheism yet find the biggest obstacle to be this. I know that the religions are wrong, but also find available science incomplete (perhaps we will discover the missing links in the future).
    Thanx for the universe designed by a committee frubyl !
    And for furballing numerous mass extinctions!
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