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Right to Work States


It was on fire when I laid down on it.
Most martini's have too much vermouth. A little trick I learned was to pour a small amount of vermouth in the glass first, swish around and coat the glass and then pour the stuff out.

I prefer shaken not stirred and just shake the gin or vodka with ice and serve in the vermouth coated glass.

That's as perfect as it gets. Of course you add olives, that should go without saying.

I prefer stirred lightly - with those tiny little slivers of ice in the drink. Oh and big fat olives - about five of them! After that, I'm really not too hungry for dinner... Oh and no gin - Grey Goose vodka.

I'm gonna try that trick with the vermouth.


New Member
You are free to express yourself. The ownership of WalMart is free to express themselves. The shoppers at WalMart are free to express themselves. It is a free and open exchange. Don't want to change your hair? Then don't work at WalMart. Try Spencers. Maybe start your own store and run it as you want. If shoppers like the "discount prices from pink haired people" you will do great.