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Miracle in a Bottle


Face to face with my Father
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I like that. This is not connected, but it reminds me of the question about physics "Why is there something instead of nothing?"
That is an interesting question... never heard it before. Can you expand?


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That is an interesting question... never heard it before. Can you expand?
First -- is there nothing? So far: no. We cannot find 'Nothing'. We used to think (as I was taught) that in space there was something called a vacuum and that there was nothing in the vacuum. This has, during my lifetime, proven false through the dedicated work and squabbles of researchers. The concept of 'Nothing' has been expanding along with the increase of knowledge. In search of 'Nothing' one theory has nine levels of 'Nothing. In other words 'Nothing' may be something that we imagine, but it appeals to our minds. It seems like there ought to be nothing. Sabine talks about the nine proposed levels of 'Nothing' in one of her recent videos:

You don't need to watch the video, but science has revealed that we cannot find 'Nothing' in space. Even in empty vacuum there appears to be something called 'Quantum foam' which can be measured. Its not theoretical. There is 'Something' in empty space. So then what is nothing? Does nothing exist? This, then forces upon us a very scientific question: Why is there something instead of nothing? Why is there anything at all? It seems simpler for there to be nothing.