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There is a infestation of pittsburgh by these Chinese bugs. They don't exist 40 miles west of Pittsburgh.

Efforts are being made to contain them, supposedly they kill trees and can cost $300,000,000 in damages a year.

I noted a bizarre behavior in one group, and one group only that might be exploitable if I only knew what was going on.

Around one parking lot light pole, a few dozen were perched on the concrete slab, face forward looking up at a black rubber seal in the concrete. Just sitting there. For no reason. Not moving, nit mating.

I know rubber is a kind of tree sap. I also know you can get latex from russian dandelions. They likely smell like food, but I suspect are NOT food.

If I'm guessing correctly (and I probably am not) then if we just spray NOT TREES (light poles) with sap smells the bugs will try until starvation to eat them. This will waste their adult larvae time, making them less able to breed or travel.

Right now about every woman in the state is on a unholy crusade to destroy these bugs, stomping on them. It's not good for their psychology. We need to do something smarter. I don't know if my idea could work.


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It looks as though a quarantine has been imposed in the state. My county was just added this year.



Consults with Trees
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The correct solution - other than removing humans since human-mediated introduction of organisms is what caused this mess to begin with - is removing their primary host trees, which are also non-native and invasive.