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I want to join the rasta movement


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My take:

As a left handed person I often feel bummed about how 'left handed' is used to mean 'evil' in many religions.

And it has ,to some, become synonymous...

But for me I'm naturally/not by choice left handed, it's my hand of Power... It's part of who I am and how my head works...

People in power/Babylon, if you will, incorrectly have made something I'm proud of 'bad'.

That artificially strips me of Me to some one else's gain in some respects...

I don't mean to imply that being left handed has caused me great harm, nor have I been imprisoned into slavery for it....

But in some age long ago... perhaps I would have been?

'Black' as the Rasta defines it is the new 'white', as Myrian-Webster defines 'white', which is synonymous with 'goodness', 'purity' and the like....

I think this is a correct analogy to help explain the point?

Here is a wiki entry that boils it down:

Iyaric is a created dialect of English in use among members of the Rastafari movement. African languages were lost among Africans when they were taken into captivity as part of the slave trade, and adherents of Rastafari teachings believe that English is an imposed colonial language. Their remedy for this situation has been the creation of a modified vocabulary and dialect, reflecting a desire to take forward language and to confront what they see as the corrupt and decadent society they call Babylon.

This is accomplished by avoiding words and syllables seen as negative, such as "back", and changing them to positive ones.

"Black" and "White" are a state of mind, not a colour of a human's skin.

When someone asked Bob Marley if you have to be Brown/Black skinned to be a Rasta he said, 'You can't choose the colour of your skin, but you can choose how you live.'

I hope this helps and that wanting ears aren't getting deft words.
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D-Mitch77 thanks for setting me straight on that.

And yes the whole Iyalic philosophy is what makes me interested in and has driven my study of Rastafari. I do not hold to it myself due to being a homosexual, and the obvious issue there. I can still admire those men, particularly the early pioneers like Count Ossie.
Anyone interested in Rastafari and the roots of reggae must hear those two albums Grounation and Tales of Mozambique by Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari. Such beautiful music.

Also I have heard a recording of a Nyabinghi ceremony called upon the occasion of Roland Reagan's trip to Jamaica for the express purpose of calling I's wrath to curse him, the queen and America/UK. Amazing music and chants such as "in his heart a fire burn".. shortly before his famous assassination attempt, haha.
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I don't believe in Haile Selassiie I being god. Would i still be able to live the rasta way?
I don't see why not. You may or may not be in the minority though. I've never asked any of the Rastas I know specifically about Haille Selassie I, but they have said that everything is Jah.


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This reminds me of the time when I experienced the mysticism of the Rastafarians. I recall the days of weed, Rasta reasoning, the Bible, and even screaming "JAH! RASTAFARI!".

Even though I'm not a Rastafarian anymore, and don't believe in the Bible (which is a requirement for Rastafarians), I still feel that nice beauty and mysticism behind it, you know what I mean?