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How do you view freedom and holiness?

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To me real holiness is when one lives up to one's best and highest understanding of the Truth. Real freedom is when one can, finally, get free of the bindings of lower motivations.


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I know it doesn't look like 45 slides that I'm never going to waste time looking through.


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hmmm let's pretend for a moment that we don't know what the law of Thelema is ... and you give us the net net and bottom line it for us?


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hmmm let's pretend for a moment that we don't know what the law of Thelema is ... and you give us the net net and bottom line it for us?

Each person is a free, unique, individual entity. The protection of this individual freedom is of central importance, along with making the most of that individual freedom you can. Thelema is a moral system meant to protect individual freedom and support self betterment and evolution in line with one's own will.

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And what does it look like?

Freedom means equality for all people. People work together not be competitive. Freedom means I can say what I want without "fearing" that I may be outcast or even fired for my beliefs. Freedom means living with whom I love and being able to call our marriage a marriage not only for ourselves, and others, but for the courts or our church of worship.

I was coming back the last night from the Casino with my mother. When I talk about my ancestors and family speak to me, it may sound to others like abstract or new agish. So we're in the car, and she says grandmother spoke to her the other day. So, I'm listening and she tells me her experience. Then I tell her mine. Then I say I know people think we crazy and she wrapped it up with her co-workers saying "who are you talking to..?"

The conversation gave me a sense of comfort and connection with my mother not just knowing that I believe in my ancestors and family who contact me, but the rest of my family does too.

That's holiness to me. Wholeness, connection, family, and community. Sense of being, I believe, doesn't always have to happen isolation. Of course, we don't die with whom we are with. I just feel our sense of being is shaped by those we let be around us.

That's holiness.
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How do you view freedom and holiness?

Great question!... The great martyrs of history had freedom to disavow their faith or strive to practice it.. They chose to live their faith in the face of persecution and threats of execution and imprisonment. In Iran thousands of Baha'is have been persecuted for their Faith and chosen the path of martyrdom. Baha'i students have been deprived of higher education and under threat of imprisonment they have continued to learn. Merchants in Iran have been deprived of their livelihood for observing Baha'i Holy Days..



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freedom is when we have more than one choices. holiness is in accord with god.