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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Should all countries adopt a 2nd Amendment (Right To Bear Arms)?

    Should all countries adopt a 2nd Amendment (Right To Bear Arms)?
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Hinduism, the use of names, freedom of information and mistrust of systems.

    Howdy I was thinking about the use of names for religions and the idea that structural authority is just not as important as it used to be. Now that isn’t to say that structural authority has lost all of it’s power but plenty of people are now aware of how horrid their governments, religious...
  3. B

    How can evil exist if God is omnipotent? And how can free will exist if God is omniscient?

    Title. How can evil exist if God is omnipotent? And how can free will exist if God is omniscient? My thoughts: God created evil, which is why it exist. Free will doesn't exist because god is all powerful. What are your thoughts?
  4. Jacob Samuelson


    Not quite liberty Yet enough to be a name If one's parents were rude Which in this case they were And Libert remained Spending much time in his room Libert was mocked From the kids at school. But still he tried very hard To find the "why" in life. Because then And only then Would Libert be free.
  5. Tambourine

    Solidarity for our American comrades

    My heart goes out to you right now, to all those who are protesting and making a stand against the violence of the capitalist police state and its authoritarian arm of injustice. I look on you with respect and admiration, as do people from all over the world. You are doing what is right and...
  6. Samael_Khan

    Biggest benefits of leaving a religion

    So, this doesn't only apply to religion, but can also apply to any other group if they don't promote freedom of thought, even an atheist group, and also might not apply to all religions. And it might not even apply to all people who are religious as I know there are religious people on this...
  7. TransmutingSoul

    Open the boarders to Refugees

    The topic to discuss here is that of Open Boarders for refugees and a vision for the future. As a Baha'i there is a picture of what must and will unfold in this world before we can find peace. Unity of the human race is a pre-requisite Part of this picture was given back in the mid to late...
  8. Tmac

    Human Rights

    I have often wondered what life would have been for me if I had a lawyer advise me of my rights before I began considering my first thought but then I would have had to already begin to believe in those rights to listen to counsel. Our rights are violated from day one, society (religion is but...
  9. W

    How do you view freedom and holiness?

    And what does it look like?