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It all depends on which school you're talking about. Practices can vary greatly between the different schools, as they each have their own focus on the path to enlightenment. The Buddha said their would be 84,000 different dharma doors to nirvana.


As a zen buddhist what things as a buddhist should I do activity wise eg.rituals,meditation,chants etc?

For Zen, the best thing to do would be to start a daily meditation practice. If you want to chant, I would suggest chanting the Heart Sutra, the Three Jewels, and the Bodhisattva Vows. You could light some incense before a Buddha statue also if you would like. However, Zen generally downplays the importance of rituals in favor of direct experience through meditation.


Cosmic Vagabond
which requires the least reading?

Its good to be familiar with the basics, and there are plenty of web pages on the internet with the basics, the 4 noble truths, 3 marks of existence, noble eight-fold path, that sort of thing. Otherwise, its all about meditation. The point of Buddhism is to utilize the techniques and means presented by the Buddha and discern the facts about our experience and reality.

Zazen, samatha and vipassana are what I recommend. Zazen is essentially very similar to samatha and vipassana put together, but there are differences. Vipasanna is what Gautama Buddha is said to have taught.


Istha gosthi
Hey.basically can anyone just tell me what buddhists who arent monks do?

practice the principles of the eight fold path , applying it to every aspect of your daily life , all day every day !

every time one falls or lapses simply get up and start again ! practice makes perfect !:D