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Last Activity:
Oct 1, 2014
Nov 27, 2004
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Cap City, USA
public interest advocate/organizer


The Devil's Advocate, from Cap City, USA

lilithu was last seen:
Oct 1, 2014
    1. Yerda
      Hey. You were one of the best. Come say hello some time.
    2. Father Heathen
    3. gnomon
      Miss you, here.

      One of the few that could give me a knock down debate and still respect afterwards.

      Hope all is well.
    4. .lava
      happy new year, Lilithu :) i wish all your wishes come true.
    5. uu_sage

      Its been ages since we last saw each other and I haven't forgotten about the website photo, and is included in the post. This photo is me in a drum circle in Koinonia. Once completed this project is going to rock! So how has life been treating you? My classes have made it impossible for me to make Thursday night services and once the quarter is over I would love to preside over another worship service. Recently I've been pouring my energies into preserving Marriage Equality here in California from phone banking at church to meetings, and everything else in between.
    6. Sententia
      You can hate me... Just vote and try to stay happy... your insight is incredible I just wish it would deepen... Regardless... Good show... You are a great american and even when we disagree and I sound angry you are still a great american... You can hate me mate... But I wont stop... Cause I cant stop... (Unless someone kills me.... or my first flight I have ever taken crashes)

      You probably wont hear from me for a week or 2.... if its longer that well then Im dead. Deal... Otherwise I will be back and will respond in kind...
    7. LuisDantas
      Thanks, Lilith. Best to you, and thanks :)
    8. LuisDantas
      Hi, Lilithu. Just out of curiosity, do you know if there is any meaning to frubal colors?

    9. .lava
      hi there :) hope i am not confusing you with someone else. did we ever talk about China?
    10. Quiddity
      Miss you...:)
    11. ben d
      ben d
      Thank you, the means to an end is the end,..Truth is eternally Truth!
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    Home Page:
    Cap City, USA
    public interest advocate/organizer
    panentheist, existentialist, pacifist


    FYI: "Chinese Folk" = Pure Land & Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and native traditions