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Pedaiah means 'God as ransomed', Pedahel as the same meaning 'God as ransomed' and appears in Numbers 34:28, as the son of Ammihud
Numbers 1:10 - Elishama, son of Ammihud
Numbers 34:20 - Samuel , son of Ammihud
1 Chronicles 9:4 - Omri, Son of Ammihud
2 Samuel 13:27 - Talmai, Son of Ammihud
Pedazur ( Rock (ZUR) as ransomed )
Numbers 1:1 - Gamaliel , son of Pedazur
1 Samuel 2:22
There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock (ZUR) like our God.
Deu 32:4
He is the Rock (ZUR)
Gamal is used few times in 1 Samuel 1:22 to 24 describing Samuel's weaning, Gamaliel is thus another name for Samuel.
Omri founded Samaria , also known as ' Samal ' ( North).

I find Ammihud (My People Is Dignity) is of the tribe of Naphatali, the father of Pedahel, who was the chieftain who was appointed right before Moses' death in order to share in dividing the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel - Numbers 34:28
Numbers 34:17-20 ..... the children of Simeon: Shemuel the son of Ammihud.
Shemuel was Simeon's representative in dividing the promised land into allotments
Numbers 1:10,16 Gamaliel the chieftain and the son of 'Pedahzur' of the tribe of Manasseh.
2 Samuel 13:37 Talmai son of Ammihud, King of Geshur. Talmai's daughter Maacah bore Absalom to David ( 2 Samuel 3:3; 1 Chronicles 3:2). Absalom fled with his grandfather Talmai according to 2 Samuel 13:28-29, 37-38.
The Omri of 1 Chronicles 9:3-4 was a Judahite whose descendants lived in Jerusalem after the exile from Babylon.
The Omri of 1 Kings 16:27, 23-24; 1 Kings 16:25-28; 20:34 was a King who built the city of Samaria.
Later Micah 6:16 condemned those Israelites for following the statutes of Omri.


Active Member
1 Chronicles 9:4
Judah > Pharez > Bani > Imri > Omri > Ammihud > Uthai

Kings of Israel - Zimri > Omri > Ahab

Numbers 25:14 - Salu > Zimri
1 Chronicles 9:7 - Cenuwah > Hodaviah > Meshullam > Salu

Nehemiah 11:7 - Jesaiah > Ithiel >Maaseiah > Kolaiah > Pedaiah > Joed > Meshullam > Salu

1 Ch 3:19 . Pedaiah > Zerubbabel > Meshullam

Hodaviah prefix is HWD (Majesty) Ami-HWD (הוֹד)
Cenuwah from סְנֶה, it is the name of the burning Bush

Jeremiah 29:21 - Kolaiah > Ahab
1 Kings 16:28 - Omri > Ahab
Nehemiah 3:29 - Immer > Zadok
Ezra 10:35 - Bani > Amram
1 Chron 9:12 - Immer > Meshilemith > Meshullam
Nehemiah 11:13 - Immer > Meshilemith > Ahasai (same as Ahaziah)
Jeremiah 20:1 Immer > Pashur
2 Chronicles 28:12 - Meshilemoth > Berechiah
1 Chronicles 3:20 - Zerubbabel > Berechiah
Zechariah 1:1 - Iddo > Berechiah > Zechariah

Omri > Ahab > Ahaziah
Ahasai (AHZI) Ahazaih ( AHZIE)

Immer (אִמֵּר / AMR)
Imri ( אִמְרִי / AMRI)
Omri (עָמְרִי / OMRI)
Zimri (זִמְרִי / ZMRI)
Amram ( עַמְרָם / OMRM)
Miriam ( מִרְיָם / MRIM)

Amram > Miriam
Ezra > Miriam ( 1Ch 4:17 )

There is a pattern going on here and it all seems to point to this mysterious Zerubbabel.


Veteran Member
There is a pattern going on here and it all seems to point to this mysterious Zerubbabel.

Would you agree Zerubbabel was the 'first governor of the repatriated Jews' at Haggai 2:21.
Zerubbabel I find was a descendant of King David at 1 Chronicles 3:19-20, ancestor of Jesus at Matthew 1:12-13; Luke 3:27, and father of seven (7) sons. Zerubbabel was the actual son of Pedaiah but legally recognized at the son of Shealtiel.
Zerubbabel's official or Babylonian name appears to have been Sheshbazzar at Ezra 1:18,11; Ezra 5:14-16; Ezra 3:8.
Zerubbabel led a Jewish remnant back to Jerusalem and Judah at Ezra 2:1-2; Nehemiah 7:6-7; Nehemiah 12:1.
King Cyrus was the one who appointed Zerubbabel to be a trusted governor at Ezra 5:14-15.
Under trusted Zerubbabel the Levities were cared for daily at Nehemiah 12:47.
The temple altar under the direction of Zerubbabel and High Priest Jeshua (Joshua) at Ezra 3:1-2, and construction at Ezra 3:8. Just as King Cyrus had commanded them at Ezra 4:1-3. Two years later, through Haggai and Zechariah, Zerubbabel and Joshua (Jeshua) resumed temple construction at Ezra 4:23-24; Ezra 5:1-2; Ezra 6:1-2; Haggai 1:1; Haggai 1:12-14; Zechariah 1:1. They would have divine favor or blessings according to Haggai 2:2-4; Haggai 2:21-23; Zechariah 4:6-10 and finally the temple completed at Ezra 6:13-15.


Active Member
Ezra 5:14, the name 'Sheshbazzer' ( SSB ZR) is given, rather similar to Nebuchadnezer ( NBKDRA ZR) and Belteshazzar ( BLTSA ZR).

Zerubbabel as two 'non Jewish names' and he is not mentioned anywhere in the Book of Daniel, but it's most likely, considering his status, that Daniel and Zerubbabel are the same person, in Daniel 2:48, Belteshazzar was made governor of the province of Babylon.

Province, in Hebrew is 'Medina' , from דִּין ( din) , hence the name 'Daniel' , which means Daniel wasn't his original name, but a posthumous name and Governor is 'Pehah', which is a loan word, deriving from the Persian 'Basha. Babylon became a province under the Persian Empire, in Daniel 5 , Darius the Median, succeeded 'Belshazzar' ( BLSA ZR) , so the chronology is nonsensical.

1Ch 6:15
And Jehozadak (son of Seraiah) went into captivity, when the LORD carried away Judah and Jerusalem by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar.

Ezr 7:1
Now after these things, in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia, Ezra the son of Seraiah

Zerubbabel is most often paired with Jeshua , the high priest, he appears in Zechariah 3:8 as 'The Branch', which is a pun on his name 'Seed of Babylon' ( seeds that sprout), note in Ezra 7:6, Ezra came out of Babylon and his name means 'Help', synonym with Yesha (Josiah) and Padah (Pedaiah) , Ezra' name with the deity, would be named 'Azariah

1 Kings 4:2 - Azariah, the son of Zadok