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Hats off in church

Master Vigil

Well-Known Member
Exactly, and I'm sorry if I meditate for myself, I do meditate for others at times but enlightenment does not come from other people, it comes from within you.


Well-Known Member
Maybe I am oldfashioned, but I think that any man wearing a hat/cap/etc. indoors is being just rude. I am almost shocked by the fact that some kids wear caps in class, and that teachers seem to have no way to prevent it. As for girls/women, I don't care. (I won't enter any discussion on headcloths like those traditionally worn in Sweden or like the hijab and niqab usually associated with Islam.)

Personally, I never wear headgear, if the temperature is above minus 10 deg C. And I don't go to church(es) anymore, but if I were to attend to a christening or wedding or funeral in a church, I would try not to wear anything that might be considered inappropriate by other visitors.


Well-Known Member
This is a part of etiqute, had nothing to do with church except it was indoors. Good manners was to remove your hat upon entering a house or a building, opening doors for ladies (ect.). Biblical coverings is a different subject.


This subject comes from (1 Corinthians 11:1-16) where the Apostle Paul had to order a secular custom into the church, the veiling of women, who had their hair shorn so that they looked like men. The converts under discussion, had come out of their pagan religion where the women were the more dominate. So, these women were to wear veils (as a covering) till their natural (covering) long hair appeared. This was an effort to try to bring the women back into their God given role...to be in subjection. (1 Cor. 11:1-16)

The men were to get their long hair (covering) shorn off, because they were still playing the role of the woman, thus dishonoring Christ. (1 Cor. 11:3,4)

The only natural (covering) for the man & woman in 1 Cor.11 is long hair. The ancient writings closest to the time of 1 Cor. 11 say that the word for (covering) means to 'hang down from the head' So, if at that time in the church at Corinth, Yaser Araffat would have been in trouble because he wears an unnatural (covering) called a Smagh. The high ranking Arabs wear the white with a black ring at the crown, unnatural covering, called a Shora.

The passage of 1 Cor.11:1-16 would only apply today if the women became the dominate sex outside the church, and then they were baptized into Christ and started behaving as the women of Corinth in the assemblies. Taking the lead positions.