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Falun Gong

Maybe it's a poor translation, but Falun Gong sounds like an Asian version of Scientology to me. I would say it sounds more like a cult which tries to draw you in with the exercises...classic bait and switch.


The Falun Gong is a harmful cult. It's not often that I agree with the Chinese government on things, but they are right this time.


Well-Known Member
well first of all i do falun gong and i can tell you that the swastika symbol of the falun is not actually a swastika
a swastika is black and turned the other way
what's used in falun dafa is called a wan or srivatsa symbol
it was used in ancient times to symbolize good fortune.
the wan is something buddhas have which smbolize a buddha's level.
buddhas or higher levels have more or those symbols and some at extremely high levels have them all over their body.
----hope this helps if you were wondering why :)

Who says a swastika is black and turned the other way, The word swastika is sanskrit, It Symbolises good and can be translated to mean the mark of well-being.

Ekendra Dasa

New Member
A few years ago a well written article on the use of the Swastika in history came out.

I can't post a link yet, but, if you're interested, you can Google:
The Swastika: A Symbol of Goodness or Hate?

Its funny the "spinning" sensation that Falun Gong likes to discuss is very much like NLP techniques of controlling internal feelings and anxiety. Interesting from a psychological perspective but only one trick in a very very talented pony (the mind). I wonder how much religion is building itself on quite readily explainable psychological phenomenon.


Well-Known Member
Is there anywhere I can read about Falun Gong? Why does the Chinese government hate it? Why are organs harvested-sounds like a horror movie