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Entertainment I like


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I have been watching Twin Peaks and every now and then. I gotta watch It. That makes me feel good.

It's a mystery it's got some mysticism in it. My mom and I used to watch it every saturday night when it was coming on.

The christians at a a Talk to me and tell me I should go to church or Sometimes I knew that they would not agree with some of the things I did including watching mysteryes that had stuff and i'm that they didn't agree with.
But my mom reembrace christianity after being an a a for years.

But she never did become just a strict conservative type of goody two shoe Christian. And I think people in the aa meeting sometimes expected her to be that way. But they would be surprised

For instance put the type of mysteries that she watched Like twin peaks

I think they got the image of her as being kind of a conservative christian, but she But she was not near as conservative.

Or as good as getting good as they really made her out to be.
I'm glad my mom and I.had our myseries to watch together because we had stuff that we could do together.
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I realize Charles Manson is at the beginning of this video but it's a great song.Theres no reason for others to Bring Charles Manson into my love and conversation about this song.thats what they did last night after I posted it in my chat room . So here it is a great song by The Beatles

Helter Skelter (2018 Mix) / The Beatles - Topic
This is the wrong video for this thread. But it's too late to change it I am sorry.


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Well, it's been criticized for racist view, I do love love stories about obsession and that though.

What I don't get is what on God's green earth got into Scarlet O'Hara to develop an obsession on Ashly who was not attractive and a wimp and rejected Rhett Butler Instead. Clark Gable who played Rhett who was a hottie sexy guy that was rich? it's ridiculous!!

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