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Are you geniunely good ?

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Mock Turtle

Oh my, did I say that!
Premium Member
Hi guys (I’m french sorry for my english)
I Want to share a throught who really confuse me.

The selfishness is the ennemy of the « Good » and especially the source of all the bad right ?

You are a good person who want to spread joy, great, I am too, but when you believe in god, it’s principally because you want to go in heaven and not in hell right ?

So my thought is :
It’s selfish to believe in god cause finally it’s only to live the eternity in Heaven, in a good place.

Finally, if « God » tell us there is no heaven, no hell, do you continu to do the good you do in hope to go in « Heaven » or you gonna start enjoy your life without caring of nothing and experience all the possibility ?

I really hope y’all understand me..
Let’s the debate begin

Presenting two different (and not related options) in your poll is a bit like saying 'when did you last behave badly'. But, nevertheless (apart from not obviously voting), I think the concept of good and bad is rather subjective. We seem (to me at least) to be a mixture of good and bad - just a result from evolution - so any question of us being genuinely good or other is a bit meaningless. I have met many who might fulfill this criteria (being good) but I haven't lived their lives to know otherwise. And likewise, any who appear as the essence of evil, I am loath to judge since just as much, I haven't lived their existence.

For me, I disregard the religious concepts and try to live a life as best I can - without hopefully harming any others - but I cannot guarantee this has been the case and no doubt hasn't been so. :oops:

Heaven can wait - until the building has been completed. :D

Samantha Rinne

Resident Genderfluid Writer/Artist
So what if it is selfish?

Human beings like to beat each other over the head about how selfish or bad they are. But hear what is said. (I'm paraphrasing since I don't have the exact quote) If you say you have no sin you deceive yourself but if you confess your sin you can be forgiven.

Genuinely good? Bah humbug! All of us just want to earn a place in heaven. Even knowing that grace isn't earned. Beating ppl up of their selfishness is bad form.